Recognizing the obstacles in your way, and the opportunities beyond them

No two churches grow alike

God has called your church to grow—but how?

Discovering your church’s pathway to growth is a complex issue. God has placed special opportunities before you. But opportunities come with obstacles, and God expects church leaders to navigate them wisely.

Getting a clear, unbiased view of both the opportunities and the obstacles is a challenge. The Leadership Capital team is here to help. CDF Capital has helped hundreds of churches grow—our team will help you identify the unique ways God has called and equipped you to grow, too.

“I am so thankful for CDF's Leadership Capital. The incredible job they do coming around leaders, coaching, equipping, empowering them.”

Jud Wilhite
Senior Pastor
Central Church, Las Vegas

Jud Wilhite

Game-changing Transformation

We don’t believe in cut-and-paste, one-size-fits-all, solutions. We believe in partnership.

We start with you—your calling, your context, and the barriers holding you back. From here, we work with you to craft solutions tailored to your church. This helps you develop the three qualities every church leadership team needs to make a Kingdom impact: clarity, health, and alignment.




Seize the opportunity

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