our past

It Started Very Simply

CDF Capital was founded in 1953 with a single mission to help churches grow. At that time, the most significant barrier for church expansion was access to the financial capital needed to purchase land and construct buildings, so we stepped in and provided loans and investment options to help fund these projects.



CDF Capital Today

Today, we recognize that church growth and sustainability require much more than money. We see the need for leadership development and spiritual resources, and are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive services–what we call Transformational Capital, which is the ideal resourcing of Financial, Leadership, and Spiritual Capital–to address each of these needs.

Our Mission


We believe that church growth is about more than just attendance – it also involves congregational spiritual maturity, a culture of healthy leadership, discipleship-making, and more. At CDF Capital, we care about each of these components. When a church is properly resourced financially, spiritually, and in leadership, lives are transformed.


Our Vision


Since our founding, CDF Capital has assisted with the expansion and growth of more than 1,000 churches and ministries all across the United States. Thanks to the thousands of individuals who have invested millions into our mission, CDF Capital has grown into a national ministry with more than $600 million in total assets.


CDF Capital is governed by a six-person Board of Directors, who are accountable to the churches and investors by way of providing satisfactory service and meeting the long-held objective to support the local church with financing needs.

The CDF Capital model works well within an association of non-denominational churches who come together for a shared purpose. Because CDF Capital loyally supports the autonomy of the local church, our goal is to make churches stronger and to remain accountable to them and their member investors. At the same time, the shared resources of those local churches come together to provide a powerful source of capital that can be used to expand ministry.

CDF Capital is regulated by the Securities Administrators of each state in which CDF Capital receives investments. While the approval received from the respective states is not an endorsement of CDF Capital’s viability, there are certain financial targets which must be met in each state in order to receive permission to receive investments. State jurisdictions do not audit, verify or pass upon the completeness of information presented. 

For individuals planning their financial future, or churches looking to grow, Financial Capital has options to meet your needs.

Every leader has room to improve their abilities and every team has the capacity to become more effective. Leadership Capital is there to help.

Spiritual Capital is our focus on spiritual formation within our team, our network, and communities for healthier and greater Kingdom growth.

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