We Help Churches Grow

Since 1953, we’ve been helping churches get the resources they need to transform lives and communities.

We provide transformational capital to the church

God calls His people into a story of transformation. We help Christians and churches embrace their part in this story by providing the three kinds of capital every congregation needs for growth.

Financial Capital

God calls His people to steward their resources. We help Christians and churches put their finances to work for the Kingdom.

Individual Investments

Your investment dollars are loaned to churches — which comes back to you with interest.

Church Loans & More

We provide competitive rates on building and refinancing loans to help churches grow.


We don’t believe in cut-and-paste, one-size-fits-all solutions. Our world-class team of ministry practitioners walk alongside your leaders to increase the clarity, health, and alignment of your church.

Spiritual Capital

God calls His people to pray and exercise their spiritual strengths on behalf of one another. Our network showers churches with prayers for blessing and growth.








$650 million

total assets



loans made



church & ministry partners


Nearly $2 billion


New from the CDF Capital blog

A Prayer for
Eric Schroeder

By Dusty Rubeck | June 28, 2021

Dear Friend, During my time as the President of CDF Capital, I have been the beneficiary of many prayers and notes of encouragement from our Investors. You make up a very broad and deep foundation across the country. We simply could not pursue our mission of Helping Churches Grow if not for the prayers and…

CDF Capital Announces
CEO Succession

By CDF Capital | June 7, 2021

[IRVINE, CA – June 7, 2021] – CDF Capital’s President and CEO, Dusty Rubeck, recently announced his plan to retire from his current role. For a number of years, the CDF Capital Board and Mr. Rubeck have routinely discussed CEO succession-planning as part of an ongoing readiness process. When Mr. Rubeck signaled his consideration of retiring…

Introducing Ascent Leadership Development

By Nathan R. Elson | April 18, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Irvine, CA, April 19, 2021]-CDF Capital President and CEO Dusty Rubeck and Sean Morgan are pleased to announce the formation and launch of Ascent Leadership Development. Ascent Leadership Development is a non-profit organization built to focus on helping church leaders as they transition into new leadership roles and those looking to grow…

Back to Church

By Brad Dupray | August 12, 2020

I went to church today. Those words are like music to my ears. I had no idea it would be five months before I would be at a live church service again! In my ministry at CDF I have spent thousands of hours talking to pastors. Since the middle of March, the conversations have centered…

Hope Does Not Disappoint

By Brad Dupray | July 13, 2020

He worked 14-hour days, brawled with everyone around him, cursed like a sailor, would sometimes gamble away his earnings—virtually everything he had worked for—and then face the chastisement of his family. His only day off was Sunday because the factory was closed. He would spend those Sundays carousing with his so-called friends, drink himself into…

The Unsung Hero

By Brad Dupray | July 9, 2020

When I think back through the history of CDF Capital, my thoughts go immediately to the “Mount Rushmore” of this ministry—Ralph Dornette, Jim Campbell, Jackie Charnell, and Al Mills. Shoulders Upon Which We Stand Jim Campbell was among the CDF Capital founders and then served for nearly 20 years as Chairman of the Board. Jim…

Arundel Christian Church Partners with their Community to Serve Those In Need

By Derrick Engoy | July 1, 2020

Arundel Christian Church in Glen Burnie, Maryland, believes that humankind was made for more. This means they leverage the gifts, talents, and abilities that God has given people to serve and engage both in church and in the local community. Although Arundel Christian Church (ACC) finds ways to live out its mission daily, COVID-19 presented…

Crisis Spurs Traders Point Christian Church to Be Catalyst in Community

By CDF Capital | June 17, 2020

Crisis has a way of causing us to reflect deeply on the things in life that we hold dear to our hearts. In many instances, crisis reveals that some of the things we have been holding onto perhaps were not really that important. Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis, amidst all the community work and…

Caring for Kids and Teens During COVID-19

By Derrick Engoy | June 16, 2020

Churches across the country have done a magnificent job responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The body of Christ is living out what they believe, expressing the love of Jesus outside the walls of their buildings. In times of uncertainty, churches are showing people that they have not been forgotten. Abundant Life Church (ALC) in Happy…

Faith Radio Highlights Pure Heart’s Mental Health Programs and CDF Capital’s CAP-19 Program

By CDF Capital | June 15, 2020

CDF Capital’s Executive Director of Marketing and Business Development, Nathan Elson, and Pure Heart’s, Dan Steffen, shared with Faith Radio about Pure Heart’s Mental Health work and CDF Capital’s CAP-19 program. Pure Heart Church is one of 150 churches across the country who is part of the CDF Capital network, and eligible for the Church…