We Help Churches Grow

Since 1953, we’ve been helping churches get the resources they need to transform lives and communities.

We provide transformational capital to the church

God calls His people into a story of transformation. We help Christians and churches embrace their part in this story by providing the three kinds of capital every congregation needs for growth.

shape1Financial Capital

God calls His people to steward their resources. We help Christians and churches put their finances to work for the Kingdom.

Individual Investments

Your investment dollars are loaned to churches — which comes back to you with interest.

Church Loans & More

We provide competitive rates on building and refinancing loans to help churches grow.

shape1LEADERSHIP Capital

We don’t believe in cut-and-paste, one-size-fits-all solutions. Our world-class team of ministry practitioners walk alongside your leaders to increase the clarity, health, and alignment of your church.

shape1Spiritual Capital

God calls His people to pray and exercise their spiritual strengths on behalf of one another. Our network showers churches with prayers for blessing and growth.








$650 million

total assets



loans made



church & ministry partners


$1.75 billion+


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