We Help Churches Grow

Since 1953, we’ve been helping churches get the resources they need to transform lives and communities.

We provide transformational capital to the church

God calls His people into a story of transformation. We help Christians and churches embrace their part in this story by providing the three kinds of capital every congregation needs for growth.

shape1Financial Capital

God calls His people to steward their resources. We help Christians and churches put their finances to work for the Kingdom.

Individual Investments

Your investment dollars are loaned to churches — which comes back to you with interest.

Church Loans & More

We provide competitive rates on building and refinancing loans to help churches grow.

shape1LEADERSHIP Capital

We don’t believe in cut-and-paste, one-size-fits-all solutions. Our world-class team of ministry practitioners walk alongside your leaders to increase the clarity, health, and alignment of your church.

shape1Spiritual Capital

God calls His people to pray and exercise their spiritual strengths on behalf of one another. Our network showers churches with prayers for blessing and growth.








$650 million

total assets



loans made



church & ministry partners


Nearly $2 billion


New from the CDF Capital blog

Renewing Faith Amongst Communities During COVID-19

By Derrick Engoy | May 20, 2020

Crisis has a way of causing us to reflect deeply on the things in life that we hold dear to our hearts. In many instances, crisis reveals that some of the things we’ve been holding on to perhaps weren’t really that important, and the aspects of life we relegated to the corner were actually crucial…

How Do I Invest In My Gift of Preaching?

By Steve Carter | May 14, 2020

Years ago I started preaching regularly at a church in the Midwest. At the end of the service, lines would form down front where people would ask for prayer and share their thoughts on the message. The more I preached, it led to better connection with the congregation, which led to more honest feedback about…

Stepping Up to Feed the Hungry and Clothe the Poor, Manchester Christian Church During COVID-19

By Derrick Engoy | May 11, 2020

Jesus summarized the second aspect of the Great Commandment of God, saying, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” For Executive Pastor Jeremy Peterson and Manchester Christian Church (MCC) in New Hampshire, the ability to respond well to COVID-19 was fostered by equally balancing those two: the care of community (neighbor) with the care of self (the…

Becoming Essential and Adapting to the New Normal

By Derrick Engoy | April 8, 2020

In times of uncertainty, churches are presented with an opportunity to respond either of two ways: they can flourish and thrive in the face of adversity or they can cave in to the pressures. One way a church can advance as God moves in the midst of challenging times is to dig its heels into…

Crisis Response: 4 Ways to Simplify Your Church’s Finances

By Steve Carr | March 30, 2020

In a short video, I offer four words to church leaders who are analyzing their financial responses to COVID-19. Even though churches are immersed in important spiritual work during this crisis, we cannot ignore the financial realities that impact each organization. In order for ministry efforts to continue in this trying time, churches must focus…

KBF—Still Providing Compassion and Care!

By David Pace | March 27, 2020

While most everything we read or hear these days is focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, and the tens of thousands of people affected, I am writing to let you know that we have not forgotten you. How are you doing? I trust you are healthy, following the recommended safety guidelines, and maintaining your focus on…

LILR BONUS EPISODE | A Conversation with Steve Carter Amidst COVID-19

By CDF Capital | March 24, 2020

In the rapid move to church online, communicators need a crash course on how to communicate more effectively. No longer is there a large room full of people you can be eye-to-eye with—you’ve now got families gathering together around screens in their living rooms and kitchens. Your style of communication must adapt. Steve Carter brings…

Giving Tips for Churches Amidst COVID-19

By David Duncan | March 20, 2020

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”   —Peter Drucker, Father of Management Thinking The Christian stewards who love your church or ministry want to know that you are OK because they want you to continue to do what you do. They want to know how they can help. Take heart that…

Connection & Hope: What the Church was Built on

By Kelly Carr | March 20, 2020

Connection. Hope. Two things everyone longs for. That doesn’t change in this time of COVID-19 social distancing. In fact, it spotlights the need all the more. But good news—connection and hope is what the church was built on. But good news—connection and hope is what the church was built on. So how do we maintain…

The COVID-19 Opportunity to Make Something

By Steve Carr | March 19, 2020

Just days into coronavirus-spurred social distancing, we’re all adjusting to how it impacts our lives. Although we might be pressed to admit it, COVID-19 brings a culturally imposed Sabbath—a slower pace that many of us welcome. Our to-do lists are shrinking, our social calendar no longer owns us, and there are plenty of binge-worth shows…