We Help Churches Grow

Since 1953, we’ve been helping churches get the resources they need to transform lives and communities.

We provide transformational capital to the church

God calls His people into a story of transformation. We help Christians and churches embrace their part in this story by providing the three kinds of capital every congregation needs for growth.

Financial Capital

God calls His people to steward their resources. We help Christians and churches put their finances to work for the Kingdom.

Individual Investments

Your investment dollars are loaned to churches — which comes back to you with interest.

Church Loans & More

We provide competitive rates on building and refinancing loans to help churches grow.








$650 million

total assets



loans made



church & ministry partners


Nearly $2 billion


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“Not About A Building:” Pursuit Church Moves Into Their New Home

By Steve Carr | July 11, 2024

This summer, an exciting new chapter of ministry began at Calvary Chapel Meridian in Idaho.

3 Ways to Secure Church Construction Funding

By CDF Capital | February 20, 2024

Whether you are building a new church, trying to convert a building into the perfect meeting place, or looking to remodel your current location, it is going to require capital. Sometimes churches are so overwhelmed by the funds they need to come with that they drag their feet on moving forward and hurt their momentum.…

Mistakes Pastors Make in Pitching a Church Building Project

By CDF Capital | February 20, 2024

Every church construction project begins with a church discussion. How you address this new project matters. A misstep at the beginning can have serious repercussions that reverberate throughout the entire process. Here are a couple of mistakes you will want to avoid. 1. “The board has decided . . .” As is the case with…

How to Talk to Your Church about Financial Opportunities

By CDF Capital | February 20, 2024

A lot of church struggles can be traced back to poor communication. Let us say that your board has been working nonstop on a plan to purchase a new building so the church can expand and create new ministry opportunities. You might have thought through every possible detail and wrinkle, but when you rushed through…

A Beginner’s Guide to Planning Church Construction

By CDF Capital | February 13, 2024

The decision to undertake a significant church construction project can seem intimidating. Whether you are building a new church or remodeling an existing building into a proper gathering place, there is not an Master of Divinity program or seminary that prepares pastors for the arduous task of seeing a building project to completion. No matter…

Three Decades | Three Decades of Impact

By Brad Dupray | February 1, 2024

One of CDF Capital’s most historic church relationships is with Lighthouse Christian Church in Oceanside, California. When the first loan was made to the church in 1970, members of what was then known as Twin Cities Christian Church were challenged to invest funds at CDF Capital to cover the amount of the loan – $85,000.…

Creating a Plan to Meet Your Financial Goals

By CDF Capital | January 22, 2024

Setting financial goals can be really exciting. It is a chance to dream about the kind of life you want to live and the things you want to have. It could be a house. Or financial security. Or a comfortable retirement. Or maybe you have more short-term financial goals, like starting an emergency fund, or…

A Season of Miraculous Growth: NewLife Church’s Path to a Permanent Home

By CDF Capital | December 1, 2023

What began in 2013 as a vision to reach the people of Arizona for the gospel grew into a journey of faithful reliance on God’s provision and blessing.

New Building, New Opportunities: Calvary Chapel Meridian Sets Foot in Their First Church Home

By CDF Capital | November 20, 2023

This summer, an exciting new chapter of ministry began at Calvary Chapel Meridian in Idaho.

It’s a New Era for CityPoint Community Church

By CDF Capital | November 20, 2023

CityPoint Community Church is a young, innovative church located on the south side of Chicago.