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We start with you—your calling, your context, and the barriers holding you back. From here, we work with you to craft solutions tailored to your church. This helps you develop the three qualities every church leadership team needs to make a Kingdom impact: clarity, health, and alignment.

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General Boyd Parker on the Key to Leadership, Leading Volunteers, Compelling Vision, and Confrontation

By Sean Morgan | March 23, 2021

General Boyd Parker is a decorated Air Force officer at the Pentagon, an accomplished combat pilot, and a key leader who has influenced Sean Morgan in his career and ministry. In this episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, Sean and General Parker dive into the heart behind good leadership-serving others to make things better. They…

Wayne Cordeiro Talks Transitions and Leading on Empty

By Sean Morgan | March 9, 2021

Long-time minister at New Hope Church, Wayne Cordeiro has led through incredible circumstances over the years. Sharing wisdom from the heart, he recounts a long and inspiring trajectory of growth and multiplication. He also recalls a challenging time in his 50s when his multi-faceted ministry was interrupted by a heart attack that forced him to…

Rusty George on Transitions Leadership

By Sean Morgan | February 23, 2021

In the latest episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, Rusty George shares his ministry journey succeeding church planter Kyle Idleman at Real Life Church in Southern California. He explains what he has learned about leading a church that someone else started and discusses the challenge of planning without becoming a control freak. Finally, he gives…

Mike Foster on Leadership Pain, Overcoming, Finding Your Primal Question, and Managing Yourself Toward Success

By Sean Morgan | February 9, 2021

Mike Foster, also known as “the Mr. Rogers of self-development,” has worked with thousands of leaders, and his talks and books are internationally renowned. In this episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, Mike helps us unpack the hard parts of life and leadership, like dealing with our pain before it deals with us, finding our…

Dharius Daniels on Criticism and Changing the American Church

By Sean Morgan | January 26, 2021

In this must-listen episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, Dr. Dharius Daniels shares with Sean Morgan about his upbringing as a pastor’s kid in small-town America. They discuss disciple development, criticism, and the temptation to live our lives according to the opinions of others. Dharius talks about the shape of the American Church-what are we…

Sam Acho on Handling Success and Finding the Real Path to Leadership Influence

By Sean Morgan | January 12, 2021

In this episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, Sam Acho talks about handling success as a Christian influencer in the NFL. He and Sean Morgan discuss the power of a good name and the importance of being a lifelong learner. Sam talks about using his relational gifts to influence those around him. Finally, Sam shares…

Hosanna Wong on Being Seen and Being Real, Personal Discipline, and Developing Female Leaders

By Sean Morgan | December 22, 2020

In this episode, Hosanna dives into her trajectory as a spoken word artist.  She helps us learn how to stay authentic and to be truly seen by those we influence.  Hosanna talks about handling success, influence, and the personal battles that arise in our hearts, including the challenge of killing one’s own ego. Finally, she…

2-time Olympic Gold Medalist
David Wise Talks about Performing under Pressure, a Church Filled with Grace, and Keeping the Faith

By Sean Morgan | December 8, 2020

In this episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, skiing pioneer and 2-time Olympic gold medal winner David Wise takes us along on his faith journey. He recounts his meteoric rise in his sport and the reaction of his grace-filled church when he confessed some huge mistakes. We relive the story of David’s 2 harrowing crashes…

3 Church Tips for Growing Beyond the 500 Barrier

By CDF Capital | November 30, 2020

Church growth often feels like a frustrating mystery. One minute everything is progressing nicely, and then suddenly it feels like you have hit a wall. Now all of your church’s energy is expended to simply maintain the plateau that you have reached. One of the reasons that growth can feel so challenging  is that strategies…

How Will You Choose to Respond to Crisis?

By Steve Carter | October 26, 2020

In rabbinic culture, Scriptures were seen like a diamond that would reveal new intricacies as the stone was turned. The rabbis would call this Midrash, as one story could offer up various compelling storylines that could help people get a better sense of God, others, themselves, and the world. In John 6, we learn that…

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