When Leaders Lead, Churches Grow

More than just a loan, a ministry

You understand that growth and complacency do not mix. God has called your church to transform more lives, make more disciples, and mentor more leaders.

God has called you to more. CDF Capital believes in your vision.

While our team are experts in church finance, we're also invested in seeing churches develop the clarity, health, and alignment to see them grow. We have helped hundreds of churches achieve more since 1953—we can help your church grow, too. To discover more about church logistics, visit our executive pastor partners at the XP Summit website.

Leadership Capital Ministry Leader

Church-centered Counsel

While our team is dedicated to finding the optimal financial solutions for a church, our advice isn't geared toward cut-and-paste, one-size-fits-all, solutions. We believe in partnership.

We start with your church—your calling, your context, and the barriers holding you back. From here, we work with your leadership team to craft financial solutions tailored to your church. This helps you develop the three qualities every church leadership team needs to make a Kingdom impact: clarity, health, and alignment.

Leadership Capital - Clarity


Recognizing the obstacles and opportunities before you.

Leadership Capital - Health


Building a culture of trust and synergy on your team

Leadership Capital - Alignment


Working together to bring about life-changing results