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You can play a part in the story of transformation.

When you invest with CDF Capital, you’re gaining more than just interest. You’re partnering with us to help other churches grow. Through investments from people like you, we help churches get the resources they need to transform communities.


4 ways to invest


Flex Certificates

Your principal and accrued interest is available on demand, without penalty.

  •  $250 minimum investment
  •  No mandatory time period

Time Certificates

Invest a set amount for a set time. Early redemption fees apply.

  • $5,000 minimum investment
  • Certificates offered as long as five years

CDF 4 Kids

Start earning interest for a young person you love.

  • Flex Certificates - $250 minimum
  • Time Certificates - $500 minimum

Retirement Investments

Discover how your investments can prepare you for a bright retirement and help churches grow in the meantime.



Your CDF Capital Time Certificate will auto renew for another term unless you request a change. We will notify you of your renewal date 30 days before your Time Certificate is scheduled to mature.


To make your investing experience as simple as possible, we offer automatic ACH deposits into any of your CDF Capital investments via CDF Direct.

Interest Calculator

Use our interest earnings calculator to estimate your return.

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  • Time Certificates
  • Flex Certificates
  • Retirement Certificates
1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 5 yr

Early redemption fees apply. Download yield sheet for details.

Invest with CDF Capital

Through investments like yours, CDF Capital helps churches grow.
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The foregoing does not constitute tax or legal advice. Statements regarding taxation of principal and interest on Individual Retirement Accounts are not guarantees. The benefits described herein may not be available to all investors. Furthermore, the tax law is constantly changing and benefits available at the time an investment is made may not be available when the investment is redeemed. Investors should consult their tax and legal advisors for the current laws applicable to and the advantages available to them from investments in Retirement Agreements.

*Louisiana and South Carolina Residents: Demand securities are not available for sale in your states. Therefore, Flex Certificates offered in Louisiana and South Carolina have a one-year term and are not subject to an early redemption penalty.

*Oregon and Washington Residents: Time Certificate offered in Orgon and Washington do not automatically renew at maturity. See Offering Circular for more information.

*CDF4kids investments are governed by the California Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (CUTMA). CUTMA requires that the custodian transfer ownership to the minor at the age of 18 or the age specified in the purchase application, which cannot exceed 21. Only one custodian and one minor are allowed per investment. The law imposes certain fiduciary and record keeping obligations on a CUTMA custodian and requires that the interest earnings are reported to the IRS under the minor’s Social Security number. If one person serves as the investor/donor and the custodian, then the monies invested may be included in the donor’s estate prior to the investment being transferred to the minor. If you are not certain whether a CUTMA investment is the right choice for you, we strongly suggest you contact a legal, tax, investment and/or estate planning professional.