Waters Church Continues to Grow with a Multi-Site Strategy

Waters Church has been a CDF Capital loan partner since 2019. They have a multi-site strategy to share the Gospel − from Massachusetts to Florida to Guatemala.

Lead Pastor, Tim Hatch, believes the Lord led him to his mission of establishing churches, leaders, and culture for spreading the Gospel. With a calling to meet the needs of the digital era, Waters Church has provided messages that have spanned across the United States and into much of the world. Together with his wife, Cheryl, they have seen the church grow from a handful of people to a multigenerational, multi-cultural, and multi-campus church filled with thousands of people in weekly attendance.

Partnering with CDF Capital, this non-denominational, Bible-believing church has most recently opened satellite locations in Tiverton, Rhode Island and Apollo Beach, Florida.

In 2021, the church approached Steve Carr, VP of Ministry Development and Leadership Capital, about funding a new location in Fall River, Massachusetts. This is an historical New England city with a growing tech sector, where like most of the Northeast, the soil for the Gospel church is massively challenging.

After searching for a building, Waters Church found one just across the border in Tiverton, Rhode Island. CDF Capital helped them secure the property. With significant construction dollars contributed by the church, what was formerly used as a Knights of Columbus Hall was transformed into a great new site for Waters Church on the south coast of New England. A couple hundred people now call Waters Church Southcoast, RI/MA their home.

In 2022, the satellite location in Apollo Beach, Florida was completed. That site is now self-sufficient with about 275 people in regular attendance.

To learn more about Waters Church, visit their website below: