CDF Capital Announces the Sending Out of Kairos Benevolence Fund


[IRVINE, CA, March 31, 2022]— CDF Capital CEO Eric Schroeder and Kairos Benevolence Fund (KBF) Founding Director David Pace are pleased to announce the formation of a new, autonomous, 501(c)3 ministry to oversee and advance the charitable work of KBF.

Founded in 2012, KBF has raised over $1,000,000 and has funded a multitude of grants for ministers and missionaries in need.

Although KBF will be moving to a model where they are independent from CDF Capital, the partnership will continue.

[KBF] was founded to provide a safety net for ministers and missionaries of independent Christian churches. As an entire generation of Kingdom workers began to retire without the resources they need to cover medical costs, housing costs, and more, we stepped in and began to meet their needs.—David Pace.

Eric remarked, “KBF has played such an integral role in connecting the investors in CDF Capital to the ministry work they support beyond their investment. They are a direct bridge between CDF Capital investors and the leaders and ministers who serve in the churches we help. That connection is something we value, and we are excited to see [them] grow and serve more and more ministers in need."

CDF Capital – Helping Churches Grow

We believe that every person is on a spiritual journey of transformation, and the best place that that journey to happen is in God’s church. That is why, since 1953, we have helped Christians and churches embrace their part in this journey by providing the three kinds of capital to the churches we help—Spiritual Capital, Leadership Capital, and Financial Capital. Church growth is about more than just attendance—it requires all three forms of capital in whatever portions necessary. When a church is properly resourced financially, spiritually, and in leadership, lives are transformed. We call this Transformational Capital.

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Nathan Elson
Executive Director of Marketing and Business Development

Kairos Benevolence Fund

The Kairos Benevolence Fund is an initiative to Honor the Legacy of ministers and missionaries and respond to the urging of the Apostle Paul to Honor, Appreciate & Love. It is a ministry devoted to identifying kingdom servants who have served faithfully and well but now are facing significant financial or health crises; providing benevolent grants to meet those unique needs in ways that bless these ministry colleagues and honor God; and partnering with churches and compassionate donors to raise the funds necessary to meet these needs.

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David Pace
Founder & President