Introducing Ascent Leadership Development


[Irvine, CA, April 19, 2021]—CDF Capital President and CEO Dusty Rubeck and Sean Morgan are pleased to announce the formation and launch of Ascent Leadership Development. Ascent Leadership Development is a non-profit organization built to focus on helping church leaders as they transition into new leadership roles and those looking to grow in their leadership, skills, and character.

For the past 6 years Sean Morgan has served as the Vice President of Leadership Capital at CDF Capital and pioneered much of CDF Capital’s work and efforts in serving church leaders. Sean has also served as the interim director for Leadership Network since last October. Sean’s work with churches and church leaders has been instrumental in the launch and growth of CDF Capital’s Leadership Capital initiatives during this time.

“As I look back over the last 6 years, I am very pleased to see the results of our work in this arena,” said Dusty Rubeck.

“From the Ascent event in the early days to the dozens of small-group cohorts over the last few years, Sean and the rest of CDF Capital's Leadership Capital Team members have made a deep impact on hundreds of leaders across the country.” —Dusty Rubeck

Although Sean Morgan will be stepping down from his role with CDF Capital, the partnership is just beginning. Sean explains, “As I prayed about and reflected how I could best serve churches and CDF Capital, it became clear that my primary calling is focused on the niche of post-succession leaders and closely aligned ministry cohorts and podcast work. Forming Ascent Leadership Development allows me to focus on this and continue to work with CDF Capital in new and different ways.”

Ascent Leadership Development is currently in the process of establishing a new website at, scheduled to launch in May.

Sean’s departure from CDF Capital does not mark the end of its efforts in serving church leaders. CDF Capital will continue to serve church and ministry leaders through Financial, Leadership, and Spiritual Capital. The launch of Ascent Leadership Development is another example in a long line of ministries launched from those efforts and will be another great partner in CDF Capital’s ongoing ministry.

CDF Capital - Helping Churches Grow

We believe that every person is on a spiritual journey of transformation, and the best place that that journey to happen is in God’s church. That is why, since 1953, we have helped Christians and churches embrace their part in this journey by providing the three kinds of capital to the churches we help—Financial Capital, Leadership Capital, and Spiritual Capital. Church growth is about more than just attendance—it requires all three forms of capital in whatever portions necessary. When a church is properly resourced financially, spiritually, and in leadership, lives are transformed. We call this Transformational Capital.

About Sean Morgan and Ascent Leadership Development

Sean Morgan is a nationally known coach and speaker. Sean finds great joy in navigating ministries from obstacles to opportunities. He has developed a national reputation for connecting ministry leaders and being a catalyst of fresh vision; he founded and curates Sean served as Executive Pastor and CFO at New Life Church in Northern California. He is a husband to his amazing bride Stacy and a father to 2 incredible teenagers, Kaylee and Ayden. In his spare time, he serves our country as a KC-10 pilot in the Air Force Reserve.

Visit in May for the official launch of this new ministry.

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