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Craft & Character is a new focus by CDF Capital for those who share the gospel. Led by Steve Carter, Craft & Character is about helping pastors ensure that their character leads the way, that they can show up and bring their full selves to the platform whenever they preach and lead.

No one can preach God’s Word well without first being personally transformed by it.

4 Ways to Engage with Craft & Character

If you're a church communicator, Craft & Character is for you! We want to partner with you as you are serving your congregation faithfully. Learn more below about ways Craft & Character might serve you well.

Craft & Character: The Podcast

Steve Carter sits down with church leaders to discuss the persistent need to pursue powerful communication with godly character in equal measure.


Journey with a small group of ministry leaders from across the country through The Ascent: a yearlong mentoring and coaching program focused on the craft of communication.

Live & On Demand

Gather with us online or in person for events and webinars to think critically about ministry with esteemed church leaders from across the country.


Never stop learning. Discover a wealth of tools you can use to continue your growth as a pastor, a leader, and a communicator.

Craft & Character: The Podcast

As a preacher, are you just transferring information or speaking from a transformed place?
We're pleased to announce one of the most pivotal partnerships CDF Capital is a part of: Craft & Character with Steve Carter. Steve is a nationally renowned pastor and communicator and will be leading our efforts to serve local church leaders with their public speaking craft and their personal character development. No one can preach God’s Word well without first being personally transformed by it.

Streaming Everywhere You Listen

Cohorts: The Ascent

The Ascent was founded on the realization that there exists a gap between what is required and what is expected of ministry leaders.

The key to The Ascent is transparency. Great content is everywhere—books, blogs, keynotes and sermons. What leaders need is transparent conversation. As a member of The Ascent, you’ll grow both personally and professionally by engaging behind the scenes with world-class mentors, journeying with top-notch mentors, and meeting with a professional ministry coach who knows you and can speak into your ministry with accuracy and insight.


Live & On Demand

Backstage Pass for Craft & Character

We’d like to invite you to be a part of a live online event called “The Craft & Character Backroom Conversation,” where Dharius Daniels, Carey Nieuwhof, Steve Carter, Hosanna Wong, and Sean Morgan explore of the reality of communicating the gospel in the new landscape of church. Participate live in the conversation and have your questions answered.

You don’t want to miss out on this amazing learning environment, broadcast live on June 4th!

"An Opportunity to Reach Beyond the Walls of a Building" with Steve Carter, Carey Niewhoff, Dharius Daniels, & Sean Morgan
"Essentials for Preaching Online" with Sean Morgan & Steve Carter

But there's more! Keep checking back—we will continue to create new resources, events, and conversations you won't want to miss.



CDF Capital has been helping churches grow for over 65 years. In order for churches to grow, church leaders need to grow. We are committed to supporting your development by connecting you with the resources and relationships you need to serve your church well.

Lean on our breadth of knowledge and network of leaders who are teaching on topics relevant to your ministry.

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