COVID-19 Resources for Church Leaders

We have curated content from our in house experts and leading thinkers across the church. Whether you are a Church Communicator or an Executive Leader in a church, we have content to help and inspire you. Choose the resource topic you are interested in below to preview and access content from leaders like Steve Carter, Kenton Beshore, Mark Venti, and more.

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COVID-19 Articles and Blogs

Enjoy these additional resources from CDF Capital staff and contributors to help you navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crisis Response: 4 Ways to Simplify Your Church’s Finances

By Steve Carr | March 30, 2020

In a short video, I offer four words to church leaders who are analyzing their financial responses to COVID-19. Even though churches are immersed in important spiritual work during this crisis, we cannot ignore the financial realities that impact each organization. In order for ministry efforts to continue in this…

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LILR BONUS EPISODE | A Conversation with Steve Carter Amidst COVID-19

By CDF Capital | March 24, 2020

In the rapid move to church online, communicators need a crash course on how to communicate more effectively. No longer is there a large room full of people you can be eye-to-eye with—you’ve now got families gathering together around screens in their living rooms and kitchens. Your style of communication…

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Updated Church Statistics During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By CDF Capital | March 22, 2020

CDF Capital is committed to helping churches grow—and in order for churches to grow, leaders need to have a strong understanding of the state of churches around the nation during uncertain times. To that end, we surveyed 269 US-based churches to learn how Sunday services went on March 15. Afterward,…

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Giving Tips for Churches Amidst COVID-19

By David Duncan | March 20, 2020

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”   —Peter Drucker, Father of Management Thinking The Christian stewards who love your church or ministry want to know that you are OK because they want you to continue to do what you do. They want to know how they…

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Connection & Hope: What the Church was Built on

By Kelly Carr | March 20, 2020

Connection. Hope. Two things everyone longs for. That doesn’t change in this time of COVID-19 social distancing. In fact, it spotlights the need all the more. But good news-connection and hope is what the church was built on. But good news-connection and hope is what the church was built on.…

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The COVID-19 Opportunity to Make Something

By Steve Carr | March 19, 2020

Just days into coronavirus-spurred social distancing, we’re all adjusting to how it impacts our lives. Although we might be pressed to admit it, COVID-19 brings a culturally imposed Sabbath—a slower pace that many of us welcome. Our to-do lists are shrinking, our social calendar no longer owns us, and there…

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5 Ways to Grow Your Church Online, Even if You’re Quarantined

By CDF Capital | March 19, 2020

The coronavirus has made it unsafe for many churches to meet on Sunday mornings. Now what? Many organizations see this as a time to batten down the hatches and hope everything returns to normal when this is over. But for churches, crisis is an opportunity to grow.  We have understood…

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10 Essentials for Preaching Online

By Steve Carter | March 19, 2020

John Maxwell once told me, “Everybody communicates but few connect.” Right now as churches are moving their weekend services to an online format, it is imperative that we connect with our people and help them connect with God, Scripture, their feelings, and their family in the wake of COVID-19. Over…

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Small Churches with Great Impact in the Face of COVID-19

By Derrick Engoy | March 18, 2020

Pastoring a small church in a big city has been extremely rewarding. Among many of those rewards is the ease of intimate connection. We average roughly 50 adults on a given Sunday, 10 children, and 8 youth. I truly know everyone by name. I know every family member. I know…

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4 Key Learnings for the Post COVID-19 Church

By Nathan R. Elson | March 18, 2020

As the majority of North America is transitioning to a state of quarantine, many us of are discovering a new normal. No matter what your specific local context is, we can all agree that last Sunday started something different. Much like the CDC and health experts are asking us to…

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