CDF Capital and COVID-19

Dear Friends of CDF Capital,

The reports in the United States about the growing spread of the Coronavirus have dominated the headlines in recent days. In the midst of the developing situation, we are sending this brief report on our activities focused on continued protection of the work of CDF Capital. These activities revolve primarily around several key areas of planning and preparation.


First of all, CDF Capital maintains robust plans designed to allow us to continue normal operations in case of a natural disaster. Those plans have been reviewed and adjusted to address the anticipated impacts related to the unique issues surrounding the Coronavirus. Due to our advance planning and preparedness, we expect to continue operating smoothly in case of an office quarantine by quickly enabling all Irvine employees to begin telecommuting within just a few hours advance notice. This includes all of our normal operations, including our Investor and Loan departments.

During this period of heightened caution, we want to discourage Friends of CDF Capital from visiting our offices, unless it is absolutely necessary. Our team is available by phone or online. We simply wish to protect you from any exposure that may occur here and protect our employees in case of any exposure from visitors.


Secondly, our national team will be in close contact with our partner churches and ministries in the days ahead to see how we might help them navigate these unique times. Thankfully, a significant percentage of churches offer their services online, either through live streaming or a slightly delayed recording, so that worship services will continue online even if in-person attendance declines. A large percentage of church donations also have moved to online giving platforms that do not require attendance at church or the passing of an offering plate. Due to these innovations, it is possible for a church to miss some weekend gatherings with a far smaller disruption on ministry than in the past.

Since 1953, we have been helping churches in times of growth and in challenging times. We will continue to do so as it is woven into the very mission of what we do as a church extension fund

What Should You and I Do?

Pray for CDF Capital and our partner churches, your local church and leaders, and our country.

Take every reasonable caution to prevent the spread of the virus.

Remain steadfast in prayer and financial support of our local churches.

No one knows what the future holds and so we will turn to God for guidance. By His Grace and under His Protection, this issue can be used for the greater good of the Kingdom.

May He grant you Peace.

Dusty Rubeck
President & CEO