For nearly 50 years, the Sunnybrook Christian Church has ministered to the Stillwater, Oklahoma community. In 2018, the church entered into a transitional season—marked by sacrificial living and giving—to provide long-overdue improvements to their facilities to further the cause of the kingdom in their city.

Since its inception in 1976, Sunnybrook took seriously their responsibility to respond to God’s Word and Spirit by obedient action—they went into the world with the gospel, gathering in vibrant community, and growing into mature disciples of Christ.

“We're convinced we are meant to live for something more than ourselves. Lasting fulfillment comes from connecting to a purpose deeper and bigger than power, position, or possessions. Jesus laid it out for his followers: glorify God by making disciples.

Sunnybrook Christian Church carries out their mission in many ways, from a thriving ministry at Oklahoma State University, to a preschool on their property, to a parent-involved discipleship program for young children. Lead Pastor Jim Johnson and the elder board and staff knew they needed to refurbish and expand their facilities to enable further growth.

In late 2019, Sunnybrook partnered with CDF Capital for financing to make their building projects come to life. The church’s priorities included enlarging the lobby, refurbishing the classrooms and sanctuary, and building an 18,000-square-foot Sunnybrook Kids Building. This signature space features a secure children’s check-in area, a sensory-friendly area for children with special needs, and a private nursing room.

The Kids Building made its grand opening in August of 2021 and has been meeting the needs of countless families since.

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