Ripple Effect: How One CDF Capital Church Helped Another Church Grow

Growing pains are difficult for churches. Eventually a church reaches a point where their current space is hampering their growth, and they have to begin asking themselves tough questions about the next steps. This is the place that Journey Christian Church in Greeley, Colorado found themselves in 2012.

Their congregation had grown to about 800 people, and was quickly outgrowing the renovated theater where they’d been meeting for five years. A two-year search for a new facility had turned up nothing, and Journey wasn’t sure what to do next. And then one day, Journey pastor, Arron Chambers, received a surprising proposition.

A local church that was struggling to maintain their seven-year-old building reached out to Journey to see if they’d consider purchasing it from them. In exchange, this church would buy the theater where Journey was meeting. Journey jumped at the opportunity, but finding financing proved a lot more difficult than expected.

When no banks would loan Journey the required finances, they approached CDF. 

As Pastor Chambers is quick to point out, “I can truly say that if it weren’t for CDF and its investors, this great opportunity wouldn’t have happened any other way.”

With the financing nailed down, Journey just needed to put together the money for a down payment. And in five weeks, the congregation of 800 was able to raise $450,000!

On the day Journey had its grand opening, there were more than 900 in attendance and 80 people were baptized. In their first year in the new building there were 185 baptisms, and the current total is around 400.

Journey Christian Church Pays it Forward

Even if that was where this tale ended, it’s a remarkable story about CDF’s partnership and commitment to growing churches, but the story doesn’t end there . . .

Another Church Needs a New Building

Convinced that Journey Christian Church needed to be extremely involved in the community, Pastor Chambers connected with Angel Flores, the pastor of Mosiac, a local multi-lingual English/Hispanic congregation. The two combined congregations for two separate Easter services, and the relationship grew from there.

Mosaic was finding itself in the same position Journey had been in years before. They were outgrowing the old third-floor former-DMV office where they were meeting, and they were on the hunt for a new one.

. . . and another church needs to leave theirs

Meanwhile, Pastor Chambers had struck up a friendship with the pastor of Crossroads Christian Church, another church in town. Crossroads was struggling: attendance had been dwindling over the years, and they were having a tough time paying their staff and maintaining their building. It was becoming obvious that Crossroads would have to sell their building.

Most people would see this as a sign that the Crossroads body was about to die. The congregation would have to find new churches, and the staff would have to find new churches and jobs.

An Innovative Triple Partnership

But that’s not what Chambers saw. He saw an opportunity for three churches to partner to meet one another’s needs. Journey could provide a church home and jobs for Crossroads’ staff. The growing Mosaic church could use Crossroad’s building. And Crossroads’ assets could make it all possible.

The Crossroads team voted unanimously to dissolve the church and give the assets to Journey, who was able to bring on Crossroad’s whole staff.

Journey and Mosiac went to work on Crossroad’s old building to get it ready for the Mosaic congregation. Journey invested $150,000 on renovating the building, and Mosaic put in $20,000 of their own, plus all the man hours.

Journey and Mosaic Thrive

Mosaic moved in after Labor Day, 2015, and experienced 50 conversions in two weeks! Since then, they’ve grown from a congregation of 200 to a congregation that runs from 400–450. They’re now planning to build a auditorium that seats 600.

Today Journey is hard at work now creating a community center which will feature a fitness center and coffee shop which can be shared by the two congregations. Mosaic is excited to use the future center as a place to service the local Boys and Girls club, minister to the Special Olympics boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, and other community outreach ideas.

Pastor Chambers couldn’t be more enthusiastic about their partnership, “Mosaic is a very loving congregation committed to reaching people in Greely who haven’t typically liked church. They are very involved and passionate about reaching the local community.”


It’s stories like these that affirm CDF Capital’s conviction that an investment in the local church is an investment into the kingdom. There was a time when Journey Christian Church wasn’t sure what their future held. And because CDF was able to step in and invest in Journey’s growth, they’re now able to invest in other local churches.

For over 63 years, CDF has been investing in local churches, and we don’t always get to see the ripple effects of that involvement. It’s a powerful testimony to see how the kingdom grows through the investments of CDF Capital.

We’re able to help churches like Journey through the investments from people like you. You can help make a difference by investing with CDF Capital today.