Pray for Growth and Fruitfulness

Clear expectations are key to any organization’s growth and overall health. The lack of clarity causes entities to atrophy. If an organization remains stagnant, it eventually ceases to exist.

God is clear about His desire for the Church. He expects increase fruit and growth.

In other words, God expects the Church to grow and to be fruitful in every aspect of life—numerically, capacity, and in reach.

Leaders, ministers, and pastors have the challenge of communicating God’s expectations to their congregations, otherwise, the Church stagnates.

The Bible says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18).

There are a few things our leaders can continually do throughout the year to communicate, with clarity, what God desires from us.

The simple first step is to have a burning desire to grow. If leaders simply maintain what is, then forward momentum is halted.

Another step is to continually water the grass through study and prayer for the people of God. The Lord’s sheep will gather when the grass is green and fresh. Leaders can intentionally till the word, while being intentional about foster a spirit of prayer for their congregation.

A third step toward ministry growth is to build the systems and structures that will sustain the anticipated growth and increase. Turtles have a tendency to grow based on its habitat. If a turtle is kept in a small tank, it will only grow to an extent. If, however, you place the turtle in a larger environment, it will increase in size.

The Church has a tremendous opportunity to grow in this new year. Let us join in prayer for our ministers, leaders, and pastors to answer the call to clearly community God’s vision of increase.

“Lord, we want to see Your Church grow. We want to see people come to faith for the very first time. May You give courage to our leaders, to our ministers, and to our pastors to communicate Your desires.”