On Mission Making Masks

“I love to sew,” Clara said with a joyous giggle in her voice. “And I will, as long as I can see.”

Clara, an 81-year-old resident of Kissimmee, Florida, is an investor with CDF Capital. She knew she had to find a way to show the practical love of God when the pandemic started taking shape at the beginning of 2020.

So, she decided to put her skills to use and started making masks.

“I like to do things for others,” Clara explained. “When I’m at home with nothing to do, I do something for someone else.”


Using CDF Capital Investment Interest During COVID-19

Clara has been investing with CDF Capital for more than 15 years and decided to use some of the interest earned with CDF Capital to cover expenses incurred for the materials. Clara has single-handedly sewn nearly 70 masks for staff and students at Johnson University, Florida, one of the oldest Christian universities in our fellowship of churches.

“We appreciate CDF Capital. We can invest, and our money is used for God's Kingdom.”

“When COVID-19 began, I offered to make masks so that the employees at the university could go back to work,” Clara said. “They couldn’t work without masks.”

Clara has sewn masks for fellow seniors in her church and in her local area. Clara lives in a quaint cul-de-sac neighborhood. During the early months of the pandemic, she would walk up and down her street letting folks know that she had free masks for those who needed them.

Clara makes masks available to her community to this day.

“I’ve been sewing today, actually, and I made a couple for a lady who’s going to be 100 this week,” Clara said with enthusiasm. “I’m making a little bag of cheer for her.”

The masks that Clara makes are 3 layers of fabric, washable, and include a wire for shaping around the bridge of the nose for added protection.

Serving with a Mission-Minded Church

Clara is a member of Kissimmee Christian Church, a multicultural church that has services in English, Spanish, Haitian, and Portuguese. The 1,000-member church values supporting missions directly connected to the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches who are founded in the Restoration Movement. During the last 38 years Kissimmee Christian Church has given more than 4 million dollars to missionary work across the globe.

One aspect of KCC’s missions work, where Clara is deeply involved, is making dresses and dolls for girls in Haiti. The church, according to Clara, has been serving the Caribbean region for nearly 3 years.

“I’ve been making dresses for girls around the world,” Clara explained. “We have over 100 dresses ready. I’ve also made 40 shorts for boys that are now available too. We’ve already sent over 300 dresses to Haiti.”

Grateful for Health and CDF Capital

Clara, despite the nationwide increase in COVID-19 cases, says that she and her husband of 62 years are doing well. Clara humbly praises God for keeping her safe and healthy throughout the duration of the current pandemic.

“We have lots of things going on and I’ll continue to do what the Lord will give me,” Clara concluded. “We appreciate CDF Capital. We can invest, and our money is used for God’s Kingdom.”

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