A Legacy of Changed Lives

CDF Capital President

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CDF Capital will celebrate its 65th birthday later this year. When you stop to think about it, that is an amazing achievement.

In fact, this is the year CDF Capital becomes older than most of our investors. The average age of a CDF Capital investor is 64. In other words, CDF was helping churches grow and providing a great return to investors before the majority of our investors were even born!

And yet, this is just a blip on the screen compared to the 2,000 years of the work of Christ’s church on earth. The Church has been a part of so much critical work in the world, but much more is needed. We serve as stewards of the legacy passed down to us—we are the keepers of a flame that will be passed on to those who come after us.

“We serve as stewards—keepers of a flame that will be passed on to those who come after us.”—Dusty Rubeck, CDF Capital President

This issue of The Cornerstone focuses on just a few of the amazing stories God has placed before us. In the past 65 years, CDF Capital has assisted over 1,000 churches with financial and leadership projects, while also helping hundreds of new churches to be planted.

But a legacy isn’t just measured in years. It is best measured in lives—changed lives. On that front, CDF and our partners share an incredible legacy!

As investors and partners in this ministry, you are part of a worldwide movement of churches expanding God’s Kingdom.

Thank you for being a part of our legacy as we celebrate this milestone.

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