In Colorado Springs as It is in Heaven: An Unexpected Home for Zeal Church

Have you ever experienced a worship service where something felt missing? Like there’s a respectable, presentable outer shell…with nothing living inside? Our spirit can sense when the movement of the Holy Spirit is stifled, and when we miss God’s presence in our midst, we miss His heart for worship.

Driven by desire to worship God “in the Spirit and in truth” (John 4:24) and a God-given love for Colorado Springs, Pastors Brandon and Octavia Cormier entered a new season of life and ministry in 2020 with a distinct vision: to start a Spirit-empowered, life-giving church full of God’s presence and zeal for His Kingdom.

“His disciples remembered that it is written: ‘Zeal for your house will consume me.’”

–John 2:17

The Cormiers’ 13 years of thriving ministry had led them from the streets of Chicago to the charities of Calcutta, India, to ministries in Louisiana, Arizona, and—finally—Colorado. On September 13, 2020, the Cormiers’ vision for Zeal Church took root in Colorado Springs, with nearly 800 people in attendance. Brandon and Octavia’s authentic passion for people and for Jesus, their belief in God’s supernatural provision, and their heart to lift others into a transformed lifestyle of prayer, worship, and service, planted the seed for a church that looks a little bit different. Zeal is a diverse, multi-generational, multi-ethnic church serving and impacting the people of Colorado Springs.


To see every person know God, experience family, discover purpose, & make a difference

Currently meeting at the Creekside Event Center, the leadership at Zeal Church knew they needed a home of their own. Their partnership with CDF Capital has opened the opportunity to purchase an abandoned Macy’s building. “Zeal Church picked an unconventional building to convert to a church in a part of town that many don’t want to serve in because God called them to this location,” said CDF Capital field team member Joe Graham.

While the massive building transformation is an exciting project to watch unfold, even more thrilling is the anticipation that lost people will be saved through the gospel of Christ, as Zeal Church continues to “help people encounter God every day.”

To learn more about Zeal Church, visit their website below.