Prayer for Hope Christian Church & Paradise, CA

Here is our most recent update from Paradise, California:

A few days ago we sent out a prayer email to let you know about the devastation being faced by the Hope Christian Church in Paradise, California. By now you have probably seen many hours of television news footage covering the devastation in this area and the great loss of life.

We have confirmed with Stan Freitas (lead pastor of Hope Christian Church) that the church building was destroyed, along with his personal home and the homes of MOST of their members.

I spoke to Stan a few hours ago to get an update on their situation. I must tell you, I was surprised and impressed to hear the resilience, and even enthusiasm, in his voice as he relayed how their congregation was rallying together with a sense that God would use this time for THEM to share Jesus with a multitude of people in the midst of this crisis!

I was blown away. Their focus on taking the light of Jesus into the darkest areas left behind by the fire is truly inspirational. I can only imagine how God will use a group with hearts like these for His purpose in these difficult days. They are truly showing that the church is not a building…it is God’s people!

As you can guess, the needs in Paradise are overwhelming. While insurance and government payments will cover much of the damage in the long run, Stan and the congregation of Hope are committed to help wherever they can. The town of Paradise is gone, but these brothers and sisters are committed to make sure that Hope is kept alive.

CDF Capital will be sending a donation immediately to help them fund these opportunities. I would encourage you to do the same. Below is a link to the website which will allow online donations.

If you want to support this important cause, go online right away and give your most generous donation. They are needing the support and they are WORTHY of your donations.

I am looking forward to hearing how God uses the people of Hope in Paradise in the days ahead. May God give them all of the strength and provision and wisdom needed to make a difference for His people and His Kingdom.

These are challenging days, and these are faithful people who are up to the task. Let’s get behind them now so they can show the love of Jesus to those who need it most!


Original information from Friday, November 9:

Tragedy, it seems, is an ever-increasing part of our national dialogue. And in this season, another tragedy has struck one of our churches in California.

The town of Paradise, in Northern California has been devastated by what has been named the Camp Fire. According to reports from The Weather Channel as many as 1,000 homes have been destroyed with another 15,000 in danger.

One of those homes was pastor Stan Freitas’s home, along with the homes of several other church members. At this time it is assumed that his church, Hope Christian Church has been lost as well to the fire.

It is never easy to deal with tragedy, but our God, in His everlasting love and grace, has promised us His presence and sustenance.

Psalm 55:22 says“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken."

It is that prayer that I am asking you to join us in today.

  1. Pray for Stan, his family, and the families who have lost their homes.
  2. Pray that, in the midst of this tragedy, Stan can lead the church and his community toward peace and provision from the Lord.
  3. Pray that Hope Christian Church grows through the work God will do as Paradise recovers.

While we do not have any information how you can directly help this community financially at this time, please join us in praying for them as we stand by for more information.

Click the button below to give online directly to the church: 

Just choose “Special Gifts” in the drop down box and say a prayer as you send your donation.