Ministry Partner Program

Your investments help other churches grow.

How it works


You and your church want to steward your assets well. When you invest with CDF Capital, you’re gaining more than just interest. You’re partnering with us to help other churches grow.

By investing with us, your church helps other churches grow. While your church is gaining interest, the money could be helping a fledgling church find a new building, or refinance a steep mortgage, or expand their children’s ministry.

Investing with CDF Capital is a way for your local church to transform communities around the nation.


Invest with CDF Capital

Through investments like yours, CDF Capital helps churches grow.
Call us to explore which investment options are right for you.

***APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Interest yield assumes that all interest is left in the investment and compounded. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) = 3.941%. The advertised interest yield is valid only on CDF Capital’s special Flex certificate for 12 months. After 12 months the rate will change to CDF Capital’s prevailing rate. Limited time offer. New Demand Money only. Limit one per organization. New Demand money are funds not currently invested in a CDF Capital Flex Certificate. These are not offers to sell our securities and we are not soliciting you to buy our securities. We will offer and sell our securities only in the states where authorized. The offering of our securities is made solely by our Offering Circular. The Certificates are unsecured debt securities subject to terms, conditions and risks described in our Offering Circular, including risk of possible loss of the amount invested.  Payment is dependent on CDF Capital’s financial condition at the time payment is due. CDF Capital securities are not FDIC or SIPC insured nor are they bank deposits.