6 Reasons Every Christian Needs a Budget

Face it. We all have the best intentions when it comes to our money, but life seems to have another agenda. Without a financial plan, we’re at the mercy of our impulses and whatever circumstances life throws at us.

Many people think that budgets are for people who struggle with their finances or are simply bad with money. But the truth is that every Christian should have a budget. Here are six reasons why:

1. A Budget Helps You Give to God Right Off the Top


We know that we need to be giving a portion of our finances to God, but our best intentions alone don’t get it done. When we sit down and create a budget, it helps us prioritize that giving, and helps us see how we’ll live off the rest of our income.

Looking beyond these “off-the-top” offerings, we can also plan for charitable or benevolent giving. Setting aside money to donate and looking for the right organization to give it to is much better than being confronted with a need, and hoping you have enough to give.

2. A Budget Creates Breathing Room in Your Finances


Imagine walking out the door to head to work, and when you jump into your car, it won’t start. You put your forehead on the steering wheel and think, “Is this going to be a $50 fix or is it going to cost me $500?” Car problems are a perfect example of the kinds of expenses we don’t plan for: so when they happen, they can throw everything into chaos.

If you have a budget that includes putting a small amount away for the inevitable unplanned expense, it can save you a lot of panic.


3. A Budget Helps You Plan For Your Future


It’s scary to consider that 1 in 3 Americans have nothing saved for retirement. If they had started budgeting for it when they were younger, they could have been much better prepared.

It’s difficult to plan for the future when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, but what if you could eke out even a modest monthly investment in your retirement? With the right investment strategy, this can really add up and pay off later when you’re ready to retire.

But that investment strategy will flow out of your current financial situation—and there’s no better way to stay on top of that situation than to have a budget.

4. A Budget Helps You Plan For Your Loved Ones’ Futures


Saving for retirement is one thing—but there are more futures ahead of you than just your own. A forward-thinking budget gives you the opportunity to plan a generous legacy:

  • You can provide for your spouse after you’ve passed away.
  • You can leave an inheritance for your children and/or grandchildren (which can release them from debt sooner).
  • You can even commit money to Kingdom work, leaving a legacy of service to Christ.

There are many ways you can invest and save money to make a difference long after you’ve passed away. But in order to do this, you will need to plan for it.

5. A Budget Can Help You Grow Your Portfolio


With a plan and some discipline, you can budget a regular amount to go into savings. When you have saved enough, you can move that money into investments with a higher yield than a savings account including:

  • CDs
  • Money Market Accounts
  • I-Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Roth IRAs

You can even find rewards checking accounts that offer more interest than you would get on average from a savings account, provided you meet certain monthly requirements.

6. A Budget Helps You Set an Example of Stewardship


One strong benefit for having a budget is that it helps you set a good example of stewardship for your family.

They see and can be taught how to manage their finances so that their finances don’t end up managing                                              them.

Taking the stewardship of your resources seriously is a lesson that will leave a lasting impression on members of your family. They’ll learn the value of making educated and disciplined plans about where their money will go.

Not only can budgeting help you leave a financial legacy for your children, but it can also leave a legacy of financial responsible which might be even more important.


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