Now is not a time for retreat. It is a time for God’s Church to advance, take new ground, and transform lives. We intend to help.

Watch the video below from CDF Capital President & CEO Dusty Rubeck announcing a special program to provide assistance to churches with mortgage and construction loans in good standing with CDF Capital in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CAP-19 Program Information

6 Months of Payment Assistance
For churches with mortgage or construction loans with CDF Capital in Good standing.
Depending on your church's situation we will offer either Interest Only payments or 33% Reduction in payment amount.

After speaking with your CDF Capital representative, please download the tools below that we have prepared to help with the planning process.

Information & Disclosures:

  1. This program is available to all churches with mortgage or construction loans with CDF Capital in good standing. Does not apply to operational lines of credit.
  2. The assistance program is scheduled to begin with your May payment. Please make your regularly scheduled April payment.
  3. In order to receive assistance from CDF Capital you must fill out the pre-application form above and submit a COVID-19 Financial Contingency plan. Plan details will be provided by your CDF Capital representative.
  4. This is not a loan forgiveness program, but a forbearance program. Any deferred amounts during this period will be capitalized.