Leaders in Living Rooms


Come join us in the living room.

Leaders in Living Rooms is a game changer. For years church leaders have had access to a mountain of content, but what’s been missing is trust and transparent communication. What leaders need is vulnerable and real conversation.

Think about when you invite someone into your living room. You are comfortable, relaxed in your own setting. You open up your private life and share a piece of yourself that others don’t have access to. That’s the atmosphere of Leaders in Living Rooms. The living room is about transparency, access, insight, and a behind-the-scenes version of world class leaders we know and love. We’ve read their books, listened to their sermons, and now we get to gain understanding of their world and the massive leadership mantle they carry.


A Note from Sean Morgan

I'm honored to connect with some of the world’s best leaders. I always wish I could share these amazing conversations with others, and now I can. I’m throwing a microphone in my suitcase to give you access to the living room style conversations I get to have. My hope is this helps grow church leaders to new levels.

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