“Honor those leaders who guide you.

Overwhelm them with appreciation and love.” 

—1 Thessalonians 5:12-13

The Kairos Benevolence Fund

The Kairos Benevolence Fund is an initiative of CDF CapitalTM to Honor the Legacy of ministers and missionaries and respond to the urging of the Apostle Paul to Honor, Appreciate & Love.

It is a ministry devoted to:

  1. Identifying kingdom servants who have served faithfully and well but now are facing significant financial or health crises;
  2. Providing benevolent grants to meet those unique needs in ways that bless these ministry colleagues and honor God.
  3. Partnering with churches and compassionate donors to raise the funds necessary to meet these needs.

Honor A Legacy

In our hearts, we would like to think that each minister and missionary is appreciated and compensated at a level similar to those who make their living in the business world. Unfortunately, that has not always been the case.

Imagine your parents or grandparents entering retirement without social security benefits, a pension plan, long-term health insurance or equity in a home. For many aging kingdom servants, every day can be a challenge; do they buy groceries or pay a utility bill? Do they repair their car or their hearing aid? Do they purchase their prescriptions or pay their rent? These are the kinds of realities facing some ministry colleagues who sacrificed everyday benefits to spread the gospel to our cities, rural communities and to our neighbors around the globe.

The Need

The Kairos Benevolence Fund provides assistance to aging Christian Church ministers and missionaries facing specific health or financial crises. Partnering with churches and individuals to raise gifts and donations, we make benevolent grants honoring the legacy of these faithful Kingdom servants.

Apply for assistance or refer someone online.


The grant process consists of three distinct components:

(1) Raising awareness of the urgent need among aging Christian leaders;
(2) Evaluating grant applications
(3) Distributing funds to meet those needs.

See "Grants" section below for more information.

"My wife and I both are blessed to be from "Restoration Movement" ministry families, and we know the stories of so many selfless servants who needed help in the end and had no place to turn. We are grateful for the idea and the ministry of the Kairos Benevolence Fund. It's a long time overdue."

Dr. Tim Harlow
Parkview Christian Church (Sr. Pastor)

Contributions to the Kairos Benevolence Fund are administered and disbursed under the supervision of the Board of Directors and the control of the Kairos Benevolence Fund Grant Distribution Team. Kairos Benevolence Fund employs fundraising strategies that include support for specific projects or approved benevolence applications provided that confidentiality is maintained or permission is received from the grant recipient. Gifts to the organization that indicate a preference for a particular project or individual need are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. In the event that a specific project or need is overfunded, gifts will be used to meet another project or need of the Benevolence Fund.

At the discretion of the organization, charitable gift acknowledgments with similar disclosures will be provided for all gifts that conform with this policy. The Kairos Benevolence Fund reserves the right to accept or reject the gift accordingly.

Impact Stories

KBF Still Serving During COVID-19 Pandemic and Ongoing Protests

By David Pace | August 15, 2020

2020 has been a most unusual year. Yet, in spite of all that is swirling around the country today, the Kairos Benevolence Fund has continued steadfast in its ministry by providing a safety-net for Kingdom workers who find themselves facing health or financial crises. Already this year, your donations to KBF have made it possible…

COVID-19—Urgent Appeal for Missionary Couple on Front Lines

By David Pace | July 13, 2020

Brian and Tiffany Walls serve the homeless and indigent citizens of downtown Indianapolis through Tear Down the Walls Ministries, a mission they started some 15 years ago. With the cultural changes surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic and social activism affecting downtown Indianapolis throughout June—well, that has taken hard ministry work to a whole new level! While…

You Can Help Save a Home for Five Children and Their Ministry Parents!

By David Pace | May 25, 2020

Larry and Darlene Clay love children and have a heart for serving Christ’s church. During their 31 years in ministry, they have served five congregations and adopted seven children who were in need of Christian parents and a stable home. Tragically, a little over one year ago, Larry suffered a debilitating stroke. Today he is…

Help a Stroke Victim, a Ministry Widower—and Triple the Gift!

By David Pace | April 16, 2020

  Barry McMurtrie is a 78-year-old retired minister. His wife, Gay, passed away due to Alzheimer’s four years ago. Since that time, Barry has suffered one major stroke and several subsequent minor strokes. Today he is nearly blind, takes 13 monthly prescription medications, and struggles with his balance, which at times makes it nearly impossible…

KBF—Still Providing Compassion and Care!

By David Pace | March 27, 2020

While most everything we read or hear these days is focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, and the tens of thousands of people affected, I am writing to let you know that we have not forgotten you. How are you doing? I trust you are healthy, following the recommended safety guidelines, and maintaining your focus on…

Elderly Minister and Wife Need Assisted Living Care—Will You Help?

By David Pace | March 2, 2020

I’m writing to ask for your help on behalf of Bill and Pat Dennistoun. Bill is 86 years old; Pat is 83. Both are struggling to live with debilitating health issues (Parkinson’s, dementia, and other serious medical complications). They are in immediate need of the care which can be provided in an assisted living facility.…

A Stroke, Now Assisted Living for a Widower Minister—Please Help!

By David Pace | December 12, 2019

Dear Friend, I’m writing to ask for your help on behalf of James (Jim) Avery. Jim served as Lead Pastor at Draper Park Christian Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for 35 years. He also served numerous terms on the Continuation Committee for the North American Christian Convention; twice he was Local Arrangements Chairman when the…

Please Help A Minister & Wife Who Sacrificed It All to Help A Dying Church

By David Pace | October 30, 2019

“All the believers lived in wonderful harmony.…They sold whatever they owned and pooled their resources so that each person’s need was met.” —Acts 2:44-45, MSG I’m writing to ask for your help to raise $7,000 on behalf of Eric and Annette Keffer. Though you may have never met Eric and Annette, you know people like…

Please Help A Minister’s Widow Facing Collections

By David Pace | July 19, 2019

“Pure and undefiled religion before God the Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their misfortune.” —James 1:27 I’m writing to ask for your help to raise $5,000 on behalf of Tresa Hardwick, a minister’s widow. Tresa’s husband, Jim, who had been the picture of health his entire life, was suddenly diagnosed…

KBF Knocks It Out Of The Park

By Brad Dupray | July 11, 2019

As a Dodger fan there is so much I could write about what happened on July 3rd at Dodger Stadium. Wait. Don’t stop reading! You may hate the Dodgers or not even like baseball, but there was much more going on at that night than just a ball game. Help in Hard Times A few…

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Independence is the strength of our movement. But every strength can also be a weakness, and for many full-time gospel workers this means living out the end of their "race" without some much much needed assistance. Jesus promised to reward those who gave up houses, lands and relationships for him, but this does not take away from the church's responsibility to care for those who have cared for her. My wife and I both are blessed to be from "Restoration Movement" ministry families, and we know the stories of so many selfless servants who needed help in the end and had no place to turn. We are grateful for the idea and the ministry of Kairos. It's a long time overdue.

- Dr. Tim Harlow
Parkview Christian Church
(Sr. Pastor)

Generously assisting our retired ministers and missionaries is so important because good Christian workers frequently get into difficult, needy situations that require a helping, loving hand. The Kairos Benevolence Fund is long overdue and a most welcomed ministry to our faithful servants who have planted good seeds for so long.

- Leonard Wymore
North American Christian Convention
(Former Director)

All of us know life-long servants who offered valuable ministries in places that were not able to provide an income that allowed much retirement funding. And we have known others whose medical needs and generous sharing depleted what little they had been able to save. We owe them. Kairos gives us a chance to do something about that.

- Marshall Hayden
Worthington Christian Church
(Retired Senior Minister)

I love being part of our non-denominational network of churches - for many reasons! But there are things that groups with more structure sometimes provide that we haven't done as well. Thankfully, Kairos Benevolence Fund has stepped into one of those gaps in assisting great servants of God who face financial hardship in their later years. The Benevolence Fund is well-conceived, well-structured, and well-managed. It is a gift from God to wonderful, deserving people.

- Dick Alexander
LifeSpring Christian Church
(Retired Sr. Minister)

"Lord, please help our preacher to be poor and humble!" the elder prayed, "You keep him humble and we'll keep him poor!" Somehow the humor of that old joke is lost when we consider how many ministers of the Gospel have spent their lives giving of themselves for the sake of the Kingdom only to arrive at retirement age and cannot retire because of the lack of funds. Praise God for whoever came up with the idea of the Kairos Benevolence Fund! I can think of a number of preachers in the past that could have greatly benefited from such a helping hand! I pray that it will grow so that those in the future who need it might be blessed!

- Jimmy Bennett
Avalon Church of Christ
(Sr. Minister)

I love this idea! How many times in the past have I wished there was a way to help ministers or missionaries who have served faithfully for years, but then found themselves facing hardship, especially in their golden years. I know so many ministry heroes who have given their all to help others, but who sometimes find themselves needing help. I'm grateful for Kairos Legacy Partners and this Benevolence Fund which allows the Church to be the Church by giving "to anyone as he had need." I encourage you to join me in supporting it with your prayers and gifts, so we can take care of our heroes and give honor where it's due.

- Ben Cachiaras
Mountain Christian Church
(Sr. Pastor)

Many of us in our brotherhood have appreciated our independence over the years. However, there has been a price paid for that independence. This is why I'm so grateful for Kairos Benevolence Fund. While many of my ministry colleagues from other denominations have a good safety net, too many ministers and missionaries in our movement have been left on their own. I believe that what Kairos Benevolence Fund is doing will make an incredible difference in the lives of many brotherhood ministers and missionaries. Thank you Kairos Legacy Partners for beginning the Kairos Benevolence Fund!

- Mark Cleaveland
The River Church
(Lead Pastor)

How can we be worse than an unbeliever? By not caring for our aging family (I Tim. 5:3-16). And how can we care for our aging family? Not only through personal support of those we know best, but also through partners like Kairos Benevolence Fund. We have many Kingdom brothers and sisters and spiritual fathers and mothers who will be blessed by the heart of and help from KBF. Kudos to David Pace and KBF for allowing us to care in this way.

- Dan Clymer
Restoration House Ministries
(Executive Director)

When I was serving as senior minister at First Christian Church, Canton, OH, we had a retired minister in our congregation who had ministered for more than 40 years in small churches, mostly in northern Ohio. Because he had lived in parsonages and had never owned a home, he was living in a rented house. On one occasion he told me that one of the congregations he had served had informed him that they would be sending him $100 a month to help his financial situation. He said it would make a world of difference. I was impressed and somewhat depressed to think that his finances were so limited that $100 would be a significant benefit. I fear there are more ministers and missionaries than we know who are facing these same financial pressures. I commend the Kairos Benevolence Fund for seeking to help these heroes of Christian service.

- E Richard Crabtree

Most present day pastors and church leaders "stand on the shoulders" of those who have gone before us. These men and women of ministry have plowed the hard ground for those of us who harvest today. Therefore we have a special responsibility to take care of those who have labored before us. It is about being a blessing in those later years where uncertainty and doubt can take over. Kairos is stepping into this gap. They are providing us with a great opportunity to love and honor these faithful servants of Christ.

- Charlie Curran
First Christian Church of Owasso, OK
(Sr. Minister)

It is encouraging when we see Christians respond to meet the needs of others, especially as the Apostle Paul notes in Galatians "to those who belong to the family of believers." Over the past 40 years I've served with many Christian organizations throughout the U.S. and Kairos is the only one of which I am aware that has taken the initiative to meet this unique need. Sometimes churches don't have the individual resources to provide assistance to faithful servants during a critical time, but by working together we can combine small amounts to make a big difference. The Kairos Benevolence Fund will be an answer to prayer and a means of blessing those who have given so much in serving others.

- John Derry
Hope International University

When I first heard about the Kairos Benevolence Fund, I immediately made a contribution. This is so vital. I came to know and follow Jesus while I was in high school in a small church in my town. My minister loved me as his own child. He made sure I went to camp and encouraged me to go to Bible College. But like many ministers in his day who lived on very small salaries, he really struggled in his final years. He basically lived in poverty. While I hope this generation of ministers does a better job of preparing for retirement, there are still those unexpected situations. I am so proud of Kairos for providing a safety net and support for these servants of God and his church. Join us in growing this fund so we can do the very thing the scripture calls us to do - to do good to the household of faith (Galatians 6:10)

- Glen Elliott
Pantano Christian Church
(Lead Pastor)

When I first heard of this ministry I thought of all the retired ministers I know who have struggled financially because of inadequate resources. Next I thought of a friend of mine who serves with an organization that evaluates and responds to the needs and situations of retired NFL players who somehow were unable to prepare for retirement. His stories are fascinating.

- Jeff Faull
Mt. Gilead Christian Church
(Sr. Minister)

As the minister of a congregation in a suburban community that will be facing major changes in coming years, it is heartening to me to be aware of the work and ministry of the Kairos Benevolence Fund. To know that such resources are available when challenging circumstances arise provides a certain peace of mind from which to approach decisions that may need to be made in the future. As a servant for over 45 years, I'm also greatly encouraged in my own personal realm by the availability of KBF and its resources. As I serve toward the "outer limits" of my viable ministry experience, that certain peace of mind is both comforting and encouraging.

- Mike Gillespie
South Side Christian Church
(Senior Minister)

Many years ago a financial planner in our congregation requested a meeting with our elders. In this meeting he spoke about the need for our church to plan and provide for my retirement which was many years away at the time. He explained that his father-in-law had served as a minister in several of our churches that had not provided this benefit and he was concerned about his future and mine. As a result, our board initiated a retirement plan for me and now all of our full-time staff members.

- Don Hamilton
Capital Area Christian Church
(Sr. Pastor)

One of the saddest things in ministry is to see a grand old "Samurai Warrior," who has served consistently and faithfully all of his life, come to the end of his ministry with little or no means to care for himself or his family. We all know ministers or missionaries who fit this description. The Bible says we are to honor those faithful servants and overwhelm them with our appreciation and love. I am so thankful for the ministry provided by the Kairos Benevolence Fund. Now, in a tangible way, we can care for those heroes who have spent their lives caring for others.

- Brian Jobe
Harvester Christian Church
(Sr. Pastor)

When Jesus saw the crowds, He had compassion on them (Matthew 9:36). In Greek, the word compassion refers to the bowels, meaning that when Jesus saw hurting, hungry people, He had a significant emotional response from deep within Him. Can we say the same? Do we know of people in the autumn season of life, who have faithfully served the Lord throughout their lives? When we see them struggling to survive from day-to-day, do we have feelings for them that rise from deep within us? If so, we have Christ-like compassion - and it is compassion that moves us into generous action. Please prayerfully consider a generous contribution to the Benevolent Fund of Kairos Legacy Partners, a ministry of compassion to elderly servants of God among us who are in need.

- Dr. Gary Johnson
Indian Creek Christian Church
(Sr. Minister)

My home church minister and his family provided me with a safe haven at a time in my life when I desperately needed it. My spiritual and pastoral DNA was forever cast by that ministerial family. However, I know that minister, who gave so much, struggled financially most of his ministerial career. Through the years I have often wondered how I could help ministers in need. Now I have a credible way to do just that: Kairos Benevolence Fund. I made a donation immediately. Will you do the same?

- Dr. Thomas F. Jones
Stadia: New Church Strategies
(Executive Director)

I am thrilled to endorse the ministry of Kairos Benevolence Fund to individual Christians, businesses, and our churches. We have ministers and missionaries who retired with little or no financial resources. Many of these ministry families have serious health problems and they may not have family or friends who can provide assistance. The Bible says in Galatians 6:10, "Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." I believe that the Lord's Church should assist these faithful servants of Christ. Support for the Kairos Benevolence Fund is a great way to care for ministry and missionary families in need.

- Bob Kastens
First Christian Church of Crossville, TN
(Preaching Minister)

Jesus said, "No one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age . . . and in the age to come eternal life" (Mark 10:29, 30). Today many aging servants of the gospel, while living primarily for their eternal reward, are in desperate need of financial assistance. The Kairos Benevolence Fund gives you and me a unique opportunity - to partner with the Lord "in this present age" to help provide for their needs.

- Shawn McMullen
LifeSpring Christian Church
(Sr. Minister)

Sometimes the time for an idea is just right. This is the opportune moment to work together to provide practical assistance and make a real difference for God’s servants who so deserving. I am honored to be part of this effort and encourage you to seize this moment to join in this great cause. The time truly is just right.

- Jeff Metzger
River Hills Christian Church
(Lead Pastor)

I am honored to endorse the Kairos Benevolence Fund and their ministry to retired ministry colleagues. I am confident that God's smile and blessing will be upon this compassionate and caring effort to assist many ministry heroes, whom have sacrificially devoted their lives to Kingdom service over the years.

- Tom Palmer
Pine Lakes Christian Church
(Sr. Pastor)

Several years ago I remember hearing about a group asking for donations for a fund to help retired professional football players who found themselves to be broke and in financial need. I understand times have changed and in the early years of professional football the players made only a fraction of what they make now. But I remember thinking that I believe I could have saved a little bit of such an enormous salary for my retirement. It didn't make a lot of sense to me.

- Dr. Dan Roberts
First Christian Church, Tyrone, GA
(Sr. Minister)

All of us benefit from the labor of those who gone before us. In one way or another we build off the investment made by men and women who now need us to make an investment for them. The past generation of ministers and missionaries gave selflessly and sacrificially, received meager wages, lived in parsonages, and gave tirelessly of themselves only to find that their golden years aren’t so golden. Our brotherhood, as a non-denominational movement, has much strength; however, unlike church workers in denominational groups, we have no one to look out for us. Many of our “retired” servants now have to work odd jobs or depend on friends and family for basic needs. We can help, we can continue to resource the Kairos Benevolence Fund that carefully screens candidates for assistance, distributes our funds wisely and truly cares for the men and women who gave so much to others. Let’s honor those upon whose shoulders we stand.

- Rick Rusaw
LifeBridge Christian Church
(Lead Pastor)

I am saddened to think that men and women who have served our Lord so faithfully and sacrificially could find themselves in desperate financial conditions in retirement. It is an honor to help our spiritual patriarchs and matriarchs in their hour of need, as they have helped so many for so long. I am very pleased that Kairos Benevolence Fund exists to provide compassionate care. I pray that many will feel compelled to respond to this worthy cause.

- Glen Schneiders
Crossroads Christian Church
(Lead Pastor)

Kairos Benevolence Fund addresses a need that has been neglected entirely too long.

- Bob Shannon
(Retired Minister)

Have you ever thought, 'Somebody really ought to do something to help come alongside faithful minister and missionary families experiencing the need for financial assistance in the retirement chapter of life?' Last summer, while at the NACC, I learned that is the very purpose of the Kairos Benevolence Fund. I believe it is a great way for us to collectively share in "giving honor to whom honor is due." This is our chance to be a blessing to those who have served well and blessed so many of us through their lifetimes of selfless service.

- Jeff Stone
Bright Christian Church
(Sr. Minister)

"Carry one another's overload . . ." challenges the Apostle Paul in Galatians 6:2. What greater "overload" could there be than a lifetime spent in service and sacrifice carrying other people's overloads for Christ, on the mission fields of America and across the Globe, to retire with insufficient means for subsistence? With an aging missionary force and an aging population of ministers and spouses retiring, often for reason of declining health or the wear of agedness, who will care for the caretakers? All of us, because that is who we are, how we "fulfill the law of Christ." Partnering with Kairos Benevolence Fund provides an exemplary, trusted, and professional means for us together to carry the overload of those humble lifelong servants of Jesus, struggling to simply get by. By giving through the Kairos Benevolence Fund, the overload of hurting caretakers (missionaries, ministers, and spouses) becomes our common joy to carry.

- Billy Strother, PhD
Harmony Christian Church
(Sr. Minister)

I vividly remember growing up in a church that had countless missionaries come and present their work, prayerfully seeking support, and committed no matter what to carry out the mission God had given them. I also remember asking my parents where they would live when they came home and if they even had a house to come home to. Would they have any money, because it seemed to me they used everything they had to reach people who often had little or nothing to offer in return. They operated with faith that God would provide what they needed. Kairos appears to be one of the ways God proves faithful. And we are those He can use to care for those who ‘in faith’ said, “Send me.” Indeed, God is faithful.

- Scott Taube
EastPoint Christian Church
(Lead Pastor)

It is hard to imagine anything more God-honoring than to provide relief for those in distress - especially when we're talking about men and women who sacrificed their peak productive years to build His Church. Through the Kairos Benevolence Fund we have the opportunity to reverse the omissions of the past and bring hope and help to a neglected generation of Christian servants living on the ragged edge of poverty. If not us, who? If not now, when?

- Larry Winger
Provision Ministry Group