What Should I Give?

If attending church was one of your early memories, you may also remember asking if you could give the offering. As a young child, it was a joy and privilege to represent the family in giving.

Though we may not have millions to give, we want to do our best when giving what we have – time, talents, and treasure.

Growing in your understanding of stewardship and Christian maturity, are you looking for strategies to increase your support of the ministries you love, ways to maximize your generosity?

Giving non-cash assets can provide benefits for you, your family, and your ministries. There are proven strategies of which you may not be aware.

May We Help You?

We have prepared a booklet which outlines opportunities and benefits available when you employ stewardship strategies beyond cash. It’s called A Practical Guide to Giving Generously – and it’s yours with no cost or obligation.  Download your free copy here.

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