The Perfect Time: An Interview with Matthew Carter

Timing is everything, especially when honoring God with life choices. We can jump forward prematurely, or we can stay the course until we sense God’s providential leading.

For Matthew Carter, CDF Capital’s Vice President of Ministry Development for the southeastern states, following God’s leading of when to join the organization took dedicated discernment.

Matthew Carter 2020 Head shot

“I interviewed with CDF Capital 3 years ago,” Matthew said. “But the timing wasn’t right. I felt like the Lord was leading me to work in foster care.”

Matthew worked in church consulting for 23 years and church lending for 15 years prior to working in the foster care system. He spent time training and equipping people in the greater Atlanta area, preparing foster families to care for children in their homes. With 6 children of his own, 2 who are adopted, the 3-year journey in foster care gave Matthew the unexpected, fulfilling break he needed from the financial world.

“I felt like the Lord was opening a door for me to run right back into church lending and finance consulting,” he recalled. “I felt like God opened a door, then He closed the door, then He opened another one. It is amazing how the sovereignty of His hand impacts our world.”

Just as Matthew was passionate about seeing families and children thrive in the foster care system, he loves being part of an organization that helps churches grow. It's about more than lending money to churches. It's about seeing the visions of churches become reality.

“It’s exciting to work with the local pastors, to coach them through some deep weeds. Sometimes, it’s very tough on those guys,” Matthew said of his passion to partner with leaders. “We become the pastor’s pastor in a lot of cases.”

“I want to leave a legacy of being a friend of the pastor and servant of the church.” Matthew Carter

Matthew has a huge heart for evangelism and longs to see the lost won to Jesus. He serves on the vision committee and as chairman of the missions committee at his local church. He’s also a drummer for their worship team.

“I think that we are better as consultants when we’re plugged into our local church,” Matthew said. “We’re better because we’re living it in our local church. We can also use our work experience to benefit our local church.”

Matthew is looking forward to a long journey with CDF Capital. Because of his love for the Church, Matthew desires to influence as many churches and ministry leaders as possible.

“It’s more than just growing—helping churches grow physically,” Matthew says. “We like to see spiritual growth of the church and in the leadership of the church. We like to see them develop. And that’s why CDF Capital has extended services beyond just finance.

“This is the 4th church finance organization that I’ve served,” he continued. “This is the 1st one that looks beyond the transaction. We want to transcend that transaction.”

When all is said and done, Matthew hopes to be remembered for making human connection with churches. Yes, he has the experience to lead the company well from a financial perspective, but Matthew sees capital as being more than just monetary in nature. That’s why he fits with CDF Capital.

“I want to leave a legacy of being a friend of the pastor and servant of the church,” Matthew said with a contemplative pause. “What gets me up and out of bed every morning is knowing that I serve these churches and that they need us. We have a special calling to do something unique.”

Transforming Churches

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