The Loss of an Ambassador | Remembering Sam Stone

Among the thousands of investors of CDF Capital, there are limitless stories to tell. Yet Sam Stone was one of those whose life impacted the stories of countless investors.

I first became acquainted with Sam Stone in the 1990s. He was the editor of the Christian Standard, and we were together in a meeting of Church leaders where he was the moderator. It was a challenging session, dealing with some divisive issues. I watched Sam take control, navigating difficult conversations with the most loving and peaceful spirit I had ever witnessed.

As I got to know Sam better, I was impressed by how a person of his position and stature always had time and an encouraging word for younger leaders like me who looked up to the “ambassadors” of the Restoration Movement.

Simply put, Sam Stone was one of the most humble, godly, and servant-focused leaders I have ever known. Those traits flowed through him into his 2 sons, Jeff and Dave, who are outstanding Church leaders in the Kingdom as well.

When Sam passed away on January 25th, it was a sad day for me. While I was thrilled that Sam went home to be with his Savior, and to be reunited with his wife Gwen, I realized we had lost a precious soul in our leadership circles. Like you, Sam and Gwen were faithful investors in the ministry of CDF Capital for decades.

In case you haven’t read his obituary, you will find it at 

Gwen and Sam Stone

Sam Stone’s Ministry

Sam was an editor at Standard Publishing, most notably as the editor of the Christian Standard for 25 years. In addition to being an editor, he authored numerous books, served Cincinnati Christian University as professor and dean of the graduate school, and was a president of the North American Christian Convention. Sam was an advocate for world missions and the developmentally disabled. 

Sam ministered to the Western Hills Church of Christ in Cincinnati and continued to serve in the church even during retirement. Before the pandemic, Sam had been a part of the teaching staff of Bright Christian Church in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. 

Throughout his ministry Sam was accompanied by his wife, Gwen, who spent her life serving faithfully until her death in 2015. While most people know of Sam and Gwen through their later years of ministry, their heart for loving people was developed at the beginning of their relationship. The couple met on the campus of Ozark Bible College.

“Sam Stone was one of the most humble, godly, and servant-focused leaders I have ever known.”—Dusty Rubeck

As a freshman, Sam started preaching at a small country church in Summersville, Missouri. It was a 4-hour drive from campus. It was such a remote town that only 3 families had indoor plumbing. When his car wouldn’t run, he hitchhiked across the state so he could preach on the weekends, all to earn $17 a week.

“That little church took a chance on me,” Sam once recalled. “It was the best place for me to start preaching. I didn’t know much, but they were so kind and encouraging to a young preacher. They always sent food home with me.” 

Sam Stone and The Christian Village at Mason

A few years ago, after he retired and his wife had passed away, Sam became a resident at The Christian Village at Mason. The Christian Village Communities (CVC) serve older adults, guiding them to joyful and purposeful life experiences in faith-filled community. The CVC’s Mason (Ohio) location hosted a Sunday evening chapel service for years. Their chapel has an official seating capacity of just 99. Growing attendance at this service led them to add a morning service. Soon that morning service was full as well.

So, the CVC decided to build a new chapel to house the worship services for their growing community. They decided to name it “The Stone Worship Center” to honor Gwen and Sam Stone for their lifelong Christian service. 

Larry Monroe, the President and CEO of CVC, is also a good friend of ours. CVC is a long-time ministry partner with CDF Capital as well. Larry reported to me that they have committed to build the Stone Worship Center without taking on new debt. Even though fundraising coincided with the pandemic, there has been steady progress. After raising $2 million to begin construction, groundbreaking took place in August 2020 (before Sam had passed), and the CVC is focused now on the final leg of the fundraising journey. They need to raise the remaining $875,000 to finish the project debt-free.

After I heard about this, I immediately began to consider how we could recognize Sam’s legacy and support this chapel project. So, CDF Capital sent a $10,000 donation for the Stone Worship Center in honor of Sam and Gwen. My wife and I also sent a personal contribution along with several other   CDF Capital team members who are doing the same.

I recommend this project wholeheartedly. It will help a very significant ministry within the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ while also honoring one of our great, historical leaders.

Please consider joining us with a generous gift to honor the life of this special ministry leader. The information about donating is below. 

How can we recognize Sam Stone’s legacy?

In 1978, when Sam succeeded Edwin Hayden as editor of the Christian Standard, Mr. Hayden spoke of his successor’s immeasurable assets—“a firm biblical faith, his earnest commitment to the restoration of New Testament Christianity, his unpretentious Christian character, his transparent integrity, and his genuine love for fellowmen that wins their responding goodwill.”

Well done, good and faithful servant. 

Learn more about the Stone Worship Center Project at

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 10.21.59 AM
The Stone Worship Center and Auditorium groundbreaking

Make a Donation to the Stone Worship Center and Auditorium

Please do not send your donation to CDF Capital. Instead, send it directly to CVC:

1. Online:

2. By mail:

The Christian Village Communities
c/o Larry Monroe for the Stone Worship Center
411 Western Row Road
Mason, OH 45040

Please put “CDF Capital for Stone Chapel” on the memo line of your check so CVC will know it has come from the CDF Capital community.

For assistance with gifts other than checks (e.g., Required Minimum Distributions from IRAs, gifts of life insurance and property, or for information needed for employer-matched gifts), please contact Mr. Monroe at or call 513.701.3448.

Christian Village Communities is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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