Staff Highlight | Tessa Krueger

Tessa Krueger, Senior Investment Servicing Representative, celebrated 8 years with CDF Capital this past June. Prior to her role at CDF Capital, she spent six years in social work in a variety of roles, from assisting the homeless population with finding housing to caring for children coming out of abusive situations.

Although her community work was extremely fulfilling, the considerable and consistent stress weighed heavily on Tessa. After prayerful consideration, she decided to pursue a career change. In the following months, a friend of hers working at CDF Capital forwarded a job opportunity for a position on the Investment team.

“I felt such a sense of peace once I started working here,” Tessa explained. “It immediately felt like a good fit; which I feel is pretty rare. I am very grateful.”

Her role serves new and current investors in many different capacities. Tessa handles all IRA requests and the transfer of funds between the investor and the organization. When an investor first comes to CDF Capital to open an IRA account, Tessa is responsible for the administrative side of the investment. Then, after years of CDF Capital and the investor working together as stewards of their funds, her role is a final step in putting the money back in the investor’s hands.

Being in investment services focuses largely on movement of funds, but when Tessa connects with coworkers who are in direct communication with the investors, it is more than a transaction. Hearing the testimonies of the investors allows her to relate more personally with those she serves.

The collaboration of the CDF Capital team has promoted an environment that is fruitful not only on an external level, but internally for the team as well. Tessa shared that she values her colleagues, almost as much the job itself.

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“I love the team I work with,” Tessa said with enthusiasm. “They are what keep me here, too, it’s not just the mission, but the people.”

Tessa’s value and passion for connecting with people extends beyond her work into her ministry and personal life. Tessa volunteers on the youth leadership team at her church and meets with a group of high school girls a couple of times per month to study Scripture together.

“One thing I’m really passionate about is being a mentor for the younger generation,” she said. “I try to make it less structured and more relational. I think they’re going to remember, not necessarily the lesson they learned, but how they were treated and how they felt seen, heard, and cared for. I just want to create a relational environment.”

Tessa strives to approach youth mentorship with authenticity. She intentionally depends on God to equip her for leadership in youth ministry. Tessa’s realness and honesty are what allow the girls she mentors to be free to be themselves.

“I want to be able to share with them that they just don’t have to have life figured out at 18. That they don’t have to know exactly what they want to do. Life can take so many different directions,” she said. “I want to show them that there are different paths that God can have us on that are equally beneficial to the Kingdom. I think it’s been a really cool experience, just building that connection.”

Tessa is someone who others are drawn to when they are navigating hard seasons or are seeking someone to trust and confide in. Tessa described herself as an empathetic person and shared how she feels called to carry others’ burdens alongside them. Because of her care for others, Tessa also has a wide net of friendships that make her feel loved and cared for in return. Her reciprocal relationships show the fruit of how she makes others feel, because they are quick to offer care and kindness back to her.

“I like listening and I like letting people feel like they have a space that’s safe and non-judgmental.”

Tessa explained, “I think that shows them how much you love them. I don’t want to turn inwardly and be selfish, but to serve others in my daily life, whatever that looks like.”

Tessa leads a life in which she hopes to be remembered as someone who is kind and treats others with respect. And, specifically within her role at CDF Capital, Tessa hopes that her legacy will be defined as someone who is a good team player. Tessa hopes others would say she is easy to work with and makes the office more enjoyable for others.

Her heart to serve, support, and be present for others has contributed to the CDF Capital community and mission that seeks to expand God’s kingdom.

“We are helping churches grow. We’re helping ministries and we’re helping the Kingdom advance,” Tessa said about CDF Capital’s mission. “That gives me a greater sense of purpose and perspective about what the mission of what CDF Capital is all about."