The Basis of Stewardship is Work

Sometimes our work can seem unfulfilling. Have you noticed that there are people who absolutely thrive doing what appear to be the most mundane jobs?

A pastor friend shared a story about a man he met while building a new sanctuary for his congregation. The contractor’s team came from all walks of life. Some were rough around the edges, and many of them were slow to work and prone to swearing. All they wanted was to get to the end of the day, collect their pay, and go home.

However, one worker did not seem to mind the hard work. All day long he labored in the hot sun, leveling concrete as it was poured. He frequently laughed and whistled tunes as the sun beat down on the scorching construction site. The other men seemed to enjoy his positive demeanor as well.

The pastor struck up a conversation with him, noting that while the other workers seemed often ill-tempered, he enjoyed the work. When asked his secret, the man quietly nodded his head in the direction of his other workers.

“You see them? They’re just building a building.” Then his face lit up. “Me? I’m building a house of worship!”

Finding Joy in Labor

This man recognized that his abilities were given to him by God and he found joy in serving God through his work. He viewed his job as a ministry—his concrete skills as God-given. Even his artistry of labor belonged to the Lord. He was intentionally using them for God’s work, bringing joy to those around him.

The Bible has much to say about work. In Philippians 3:14 the Apostle Paul stated, “I press toward the goal, so that I can win the prize of being called to heaven.” This is the prize that God offers because of what Christ Jesus has done. Also, consider the wisdom of Solomon in Proverbs 28:19, “Work hard, and you will have a lot of food; waste time, and you will have a lot of trouble.” Finally, we look in Ephesians 4: 28 where Paul wrote, “Be honest and work hard, so you will have something to give to people in need.”

It is important to note that through our work—and the pay we receive—we are able to share with those in need. The theme of work as the basis for stewardship is scriptural.

As Christians, we strive to be our very best so that our labor will be worthy of those who seek it. People should not seek our services because we are Christians, but because we are excellent at what we do. We are the best we can be because it is part of our Christian stewardship.

Our work ethic will likely produce income. Our income can be shared through generous giving. Our work, therefore, is vital to a giving lifestyle.

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