Some Tips About Estate Planning

A common New Year’s resolution is to "finally do something about creating a will." Having a will and a plan for your estate may be the most important act of love you can do for your family and favorite ministries.

When you create an estate plan, it is important to seek legal counsel to ensure your desires will be accomplished. However, before you seek that counsel, here is a simple process to help you formulate your desires.

Make a listing of your people.

This is a list of individuals to whom you wish to give because they depend on you. Then make a second list of others to whom you wish to give simply because you love them. Remember that the ministry organizations you support may fit both criteria.

Next, make a listing of your property, including approximate values.

Adding up those values (as if they were cash) gives you an approximate net worth. Then pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you in your distribution decisions.

Finally, ask yourself

"If death had occurred last night, how would I distribute the cash among the people?"

While this process is straight forward, some may find it difficult to complete. But do not be discouraged. We would like to offer you some help in the form of our Estate Planning Guide

Whether you are reviewing an existing estate plan or need to take that first step in this important act of stewardship, please request your free copy today.

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