Pray for Las Vegas

CDF Capital President

These have been some very challenging weeks for our brothers and sisters around the country and beyond. We have been praying for those impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Jose, along with wildfires in several places and a terrible earthquake near Mexico City.

And now we hear the news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

After each of these tragedies, I have taken time to think about how our CDF Investors could make the biggest impact through their prayers. Every one of these tragedies have called out the very best from the churches that we work with--and every one of those churches have a key leader who carries a huge burden to lead in difficult times.

So, once again, we are inviting you to join us in praying for this latest tragedy in Las Vegas.

Here are five senior church leaders in Las Vegas who have been close to CDF Capital for many years:

Jud sent us a message last night about the service they held for the community. In it, he wrote:

“Crazy response today. Service tonight was packed with 1,000 people outside in overflow and over 185,000 watching online. Many decisions for Christ. God is using this tragedy to bring good. Thx for prayers.”

We also heard from Canyon Ridge Executive Pastor, Mitch Harrison, who wrote:

“We would cherish all the prayer you can rally. Working through response with our team right now. Planning a prayer service for the community tonight at 7pm. A lot of shock here in our town.”

Please add these leaders to your prayer lists as they lead and serve on the frontlines of this American tragedy.


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