Planning a Legacy

Are you young and beginning to plan for family and career or more mature with children (maybe grandchildren) and significant resources gathered through your hard work and God’s blessing? Either way, you are shaping the legacy you live, as well as the one you will leave behind.

As you ponder your giving life legacy, here are some questions that may help:

  • How much should I give?
  • When should I give?
  • Should my gift be from current income, tangible items, or non-cash assets?
  • Do I need to retain income from gifted assets either now or in the future?
  • Can I use a gifting strategy to provide income for someone else?
  • Can I use a large charitable deduction this year?

Notice that tax savings comes at the bottom of the list of questions. That’s because most of our gifts are motivated by love—as in, “God so loved” (John 3:16)—including gifts to the ministries we value because of their work. But sometimes loving gifts can also have great tax advantages.

As you plan in light of your current needs, opportunities, and giving desires—we have resources available to help.

There are some limited-time opportunities in 2021 to give as you desire AND achieve tax savings. A great combination! You can read about those opportunities here:

May We Help?

In our booklet, A Practical Guide to Giving Generously, you will find a checklist to help define your goals and make giving decisions, along with much more information.

Wherever you are in your legacy planning, God is honored by your faithful stewardship over His resources. Let us know how we can help.


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