No Better Man

The other day I went to Arrowhead Stadium to film a short message for the CDF Capital team about what it means to me for us to be a Kingdom-minded organization. Being from Kansas City, I have a love and appreciation for the loyalty of Chief fans and how it brings so many together from different backgrounds.

The Chief’s kingdom is not His Kingdom. That kingdom is about a sport played once a week for part of the year. The Kingdom CDF Capital serves is a bigger Kingdom—an eternal Kingdom. That excites me.

Prior to the call asking me to lead CDF Capital as President and CEO, I served on the board for more than a decade. I have a perspective that is unique when it comes to the leadership of CDF Capital. I served on the board for the entirety of Dusty Rubeck’s tenure as President. I can tell you, with great certainty, that there was no better man to lead CDF Capital through that time.

Dusty has spent his life leading organizations that put Christ first in what they do. Christ has molded him through those experiences into a leader who is infectious with his love and passion for Christ, His Kingdom, and His bride, the Church. Dusty compels others to follow that lead.


When Dusty took on the mantle of leadership for CDF Capital, it wasn’t to grow our portfolio or to increase our numbers by some prescribed amount. It was to lead the change in how the organization operated, to bring health and stability to our team during a difficult economic time, and to create the framework for future growth. He did so in a way that honors the intent of you, our investors, and answers the call of why we exist—to Help Churches Grow.

Dusty led us through a great deal of change in a way that no one else could have. He did it with strength, gentleness, and integrity. He never compromised our mission or values, and he never took the easy way. More impressively, as the fruit of his labors began to ripen and his work to get our organization ready for a season of growth came, he listened and understood it was time for a new leader to continue the work.

It is my honor to have served CDF Capital as a board member and a great privilege to follow Dusty as President. He laid a foundation for growth. For that, I am incredibly grateful. His legacy will not soon be forgotten, and his impact on CDF Capital, our employees, and our investors will endure.

I cannot express how thrilled I am to be able to look at Dusty as his retirement nears and to say thank you. I cannot think of a better man to have set us on the path for the future.