Fundraising Leadership Cohort


Invest in Your Success

If you are responsible for building key giver relationships and raising money for your ministry, you can make 2022 the year you enhance your knowledge, grow your skills, and leverage your expertise.

If you desire to build long-term strategies for income growth to meet the challenge of your annual, capital, and emerging opportunity funds, you can make 2022 the year you put a solid development plan in place.

If you want to become more agile and creative in your resource-development expertise, then the Fundraising Leadership Cohort is for you!

Invest in Your Ministry

The Fundraising Leadership Cohort benefits both churches and ministries.
Regardless of how much time and energy you can devote to raising funds
and developing givers, you want to maximize your impact.

About the Fundraising Leadership Cohort

Powerful Way to Rapidly Develop Skills
  • Acquire a core set of effective and quantifiable skills that will immediately impact your ministry's bottom line—including technical (hard) skills and personal/interpersonal (soft) skills.
  • Increase competence as a key communicator of your ministry mission and vision, helping assure a positive response to your message.
Learn the Trade, Not Just the Theory
  • Build development systems and repeatable strategies based upon The 7-Chapter Development Plan and applied to your ministry.
  • Implement knowledge and skills in real-time to help generate immediate income.
Leverage Our 100+ Years of
Development Experience
  • See immediate improvement in key stakeholder/giver engagement, appreciation, and development.
  • Understand and implement major, estate, and non-cash giving strategies as part of your development plan.
Grow in a Robust Cohort Format
  • Create lasting bonds of professional and personal friendship with others on similar career paths.
  • Develop creative and innovative strategies under the umbrella of experienced mentors.

Why Choose the Fundraising Leadership Cohort?

Benefit from the powerful synergy possible when the Executive and Development Offices work together!

The program is built upon proven effective and timeless principles that include:

  • The solid footing of philanthropy and charitable giving.
  • The biblical foundation of stewardship and generosity.
  • The sound framework of a comprehensive development plan.
  • The reality of a calling to the ministry of development and fundraising.

The Fundraising Leadership Cohort’s philosophy builds on living a genuine, honest, and sincere lifestyle—and when embraced, it is proven to produce income equal to multiples of the program cost in year 1.

New Cohort Forming Now!

Dates & Schedule

Program Includes 2 Weeks On-site & 6 Online Sessions

On-site Location: Big Cedar Lodge near Branson, MO

Onsite Week 1 | January 23–28, 2022 

Sunday 5:00 p.m.—Friday noon

Onsite Week 2 | April 3–8, 2022

Sunday 5:00 p.m.—Friday noon

Online Sessions (1:00–4:00 p.m. Central Time)

  • Session 1: February 10, 2022
  • Session 2: February 24, 2022
  • Session 3: March 10, 2022
  • Session 4: March 24, 2022
  • Session 5: April 28, 2022
  • Session 6: May 12, 2022

Additional online sessions will be held June through December for those choosing Core Cohort + and Core Cohort ++.

Don’t miss out on this unique
leadership opportunity!

3 Options to Choose from for 2022

Core Cohort


Full Cohort Participation


The comprehensive program cost includes all tuition for on-site and online training/coaching, materials, room and resort charges and fees, 6 full meals each on-site week, and additional refreshments during breaks.


Core Cohort +
Cohort + Enhanced Coaching


Full Cohort Participation with 12 months of Development Coaching


In addition to Core benefits, you will participate in monthly online cohort Zoom calls and have unlimited access to individual coaching/mentoring to implement your development plan throughout 2022.


Core Cohort ++
Cohort + Coaching + Giving


Full Cohort Participation with
12 months of Development Coaching and Estate and Planned Giving

In addition to Core Plus benefits, you will have access to 12 months of estate, planned, and non-cash giving marketing content (website, eNewsletters, mailing stuffers, and more) and unlimited access to individual coaching/mentoring to implement your marketing strategy throughout 2022.

What Previous Cohort Members Say

“I really recommend this program to any ministry that wants to start doing fundraising the right way. David and Libby can share and teach from years of experience—they already walked the path, and they can tell us what mistakes we can skip.”

Lula Sanchez | Southern Mexico Mission

“I’ve attended other development fundraising training in my past, but CDF Capital Foundation has positioned their mentoring cohort as a very practical tool for Christian ministries. If you or a member of your team need a solid biblical foundation for development, I’d highly recommend this training.”

Travis Gabbard | Central India Christian Mission

“At 23, I’m a development rookie. But being 23, I know how to Google things. For my first six months on the job, I scoured the internet and dove headfirst into books. Three weeks with David far outweighed those six months, and I was catapulted years forward in terms of my fundraising skills and maturity. Google can’t be a lifelong mentor for you, but David can.”

Alex Follett | Ozark Christian College

Who Is the Fundraising Leadership Cohort For?

If your ministry role includes raising money for your church or nonprofit organization, you should consider the 2022 Fundraising Leadership Cohort. What you will learn, experience, and implement promises to make you more effective and efficient in your fundraising.

Whether development fundraising is 100% of your work or just a small fraction of your responsibilities, building your strategy on anchor points of proven principles matters. Unchanging truth allows you to navigate even unprecedented times with confidence and effectiveness.

It’s impossible to know what is around every bend, but the 2022 Fundraising Leadership Cohort can equip you with the tools and resources required to meet potential challenges, detours, or disruptions. With our bias for action, you can rest assured that you will see improvement in giver development, engagement, appreciation, and results. And nothing speaks louder to each key stakeholder in your ministry than God-honoring results.

This unique and comprehensive mentoring program focuses on industry best practices, proven strategies, and effective disciplines that will position you to be consistently successful with sustainable career impact.

Combined with the synergy achieved in an energetic cohort, our model of classroom and online learning, practical application to your individual ministry situation, and personalized coaching will propel your professional and personal career in fund development.

In collaboration with experienced and passionate mentors, plus proven leaders in nonprofit organizations, the CDF Capital Foundation offers a genuine, honest, and sincere approach to training for a new generation of development-fundraising leaders.

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