Mark Briggs to Head Up Lending & Investments Division at CDF Capital

Irvine, CA—March 25, 2019: CDF Capital has appointed long-time employee Mark Briggs as its Executive Vice President of Lending & Investments.

Mark assumes this role following the retirement of Lou Myers at the end of 2018. Lou led CDF’s Investments & Lending division from 2015 to 2018 after spending 35 years in commercial banking experience, including two CEO positions. CDF is grateful for Lou’s leadership, as he injected a renewed sense of urgency in the lending and investment-raising segments of the organization, initiating best practices and solidifying the department through new hires and organizational oversight.

Mark originally joined the CDF Capital team in February 2001, serving most recently as Senior Vice President of Ministry Development and Loan Officer. Mark, an ordained minister, spent 10 years in the local church prior to joining CDF—primarily at Chandler Christian Church in Chandler, Arizona, where he worked with students and served on the preaching team. Mark is a graduate of Pacific Christian College.

“I am very pleased to name Mark Briggs as CDF Capital’s Executive Vice President for Lending and Investments,” said Dusty Rubeck, President of CDF Capital. “It is obvious Mark is prepared for and passionate about this role which is critical to our future. And it is especially fortunate to have such an important position filled by one of our own. This is a good day for CDF Capital and for the churches we serve.”

Mark and his wife, Winnie, reside in Elk Grove, California and have three young children.

About CDF Capital

Since its founding in 1953, CDF Capital has provided financing for the expansion, building, and growth of Independent Christian Churches and ministries all across the United States. Today, CDF Capital believes that church growth is more than just attendance and finances; it also involves congregational spiritual maturity, a culture of healthy leadership, discipleship-making, and more. When a church is properly resourced financially, spiritually, and in leadership, lives are transformed.

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