Mike Foster on Leadership Pain, Overcoming, Finding Your Primal Question, and Managing Yourself Toward Success

Mike Foster, also known as “the Mr. Rogers of self-development,” has worked with thousands of leaders, and his talks and books are internationally renowned. In this episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, Mike helps us unpack the hard parts of life and leadership, like dealing with our pain before it deals with us, finding our primal questions, and redefining church leadership success.

Mike Foster

Who is Mike Foster?

Mike Foster is a best-selling author, speaker, and executive counselor empowering people to build strong lives by turning their setbacks into superpowers. Like a grace-flavored snow cone on a hot, judgmental day, Mike’s chart-topping and highly acclaimed Fun Therapy podcast and STRONGEST workshop give listeners and participants the one-two punch they need to stop making excuses and start living stronger, better lives.

Mike is the author of several best-selling books including Freeway and Wonderlife. His wildly popular Five Dates his/her workbooks empower couples to build togetherness strategically, and his latest book, You Rise Glorious, is the essential guide to breaking shame and living free. He lives in San Diego with his wife Jennifer and their fluffy dog.

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