Is Your Church Ready To Receive Gifts Of The Other 90-Percent?

Cash makes up just 10% of most church member’s wealth. The other 90% consists of non-cash, non-liquid assets. Think real estate, securities, retirement funds, business assets, automobiles, etc.

Most churches, when they talk about giving and generosity, focus at least 90% of their effort on giving the 10% cash. This leaves the other 90% - and by far the bulk of church members’ wealth – untouched for Kingdom purposes.

What if we could unlock the other 90%?

For many, the other 90% is perfect for Biblically-based planned giving strategies. Proven tools of generosity often allow stewards to benefit themselves, their family, and the church and ministries they love. They provide excellent opportunities for increased generosity, positive tax benefits, and life-income gifts.

If you’re ready to help disciple your church members with proven strategies and tools – then join us to learn how they work and how you can help your church grow with them – together we can unlock the other 90%!

To learn more be sure to come to our workshop at NACC.

Workshop Details

Is Your Church Ready to Receive Gifts of the Other 90 Percent?
(How a Planned Giving Program Can Increase Your Church Income)

Date & Time:
Wednesday, June 28, 1:00 – 2:00 PM


Kansas City Convention Center – Room 2105

David Duncan, Co:Mission Foundation Executive Director