Introducing Ministry Fit

Churches across America are looking for new and innovative ways to grow and expand their influence and reach their communities. At CDF Leadership Capital we’ve found multisite expansion has continued to be the driving force behind church growth. This makes sense, as over the years it has proven to be a very effective way to accomplish the mission of the local church.

However, the growth of a church across multiple campuses creates a leadership pipeline problem that can quickly become the limiting factor in expansion. How are the best multisite churches solving this problem of finding and developing great campus pastors? This is a problem we set out to better understand and ultimately help churches tackle.

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of Leadership Capital’s Ministry Fit. 

Leadership Capital has built this program by conducting a six-month study with seven leading multisite churches. We brought experts to the table with great tools to gain insight and perspective and ultimately to advance ministry. In our research and discussion, we learned several key factors that impact healthy growing multiplication:

  • First, we learned there is no singular model or set of skills that make an excellent campus pastor. Rather, a good multisite leader is based on their ministry fit within the context of the church where they serve.
  • Second, we discovered that when the ministry model is clearly defined and the leader of a campus is in alignment with that model, there is quantitative growth.
  • Finally, we learned that we can predict with alarming accuracy the misalignment and stress factors that campus pastors experience when we understand the church’s model and the campus pastor’s wiring. This allows us to help you get the right person for the job by identifying the right ministry fit for the position.

Andrew Statezny, Leadership Capital’s multisite expert, shared, “It is critically important for a church to find a leader that fits their ministry fit model and to establish a pipeline of leaders who are developed to be successful within that model.”

Looking to launch a multisite? How about a desire to better align your campus pastor team for success? We invite you to visit to learn more about our research and take our assessment today! Finding your Ministry Fit will lead to growth and success in your multisite church.