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I wrote the first investment check to start a bank in 2005. That bank became one of the largest financial institutions in the Midwest. I am not telling you this to brag, so please keep on reading.

Letty Briggs, our first investor, wrote the initial check to fund an account at CDF Capital on July 24, 1962. Letty opened the first account at Church Development Fund and, as she turns 91-years-old this September, continues to invest with us today.

That check, 60 years later, has had a much larger impact than the check I wrote in 2005.

I’ve been in church all my life, so naturally I wanted to support churches and help start new ones,” Letty recalled in a recent interview.

We do not know the number of people that found a church home and met Jesus because of Letty’s check, but I imagine the amount was enormous. The harvest, I imagine, was plentiful following Letty’s faithfulness. I am more than confident that many more investors were encouraged and followed in Letty’s footsteps because of her contributions.

I am so grateful for the trust Letty placed in our organization then and how she continues to trust us with her resources today.

I am also grateful for every single CDF Capital investor that followed after Letty, and I thank them for trusting our organization to steward their contributions well.

We have an amazing team at CDF Capital that serves our investors and shepherds their resources with prayerful guidance and meticulous care. I appreciate each and every one of you!

First Receipt