From marketing content to onsite training and partner meetings, our development experts can help your team unlock more generosity for your church or ministry.

CDF Capital Foundation can help your church or parachurch ministry prepare your staff for success and sustainability in the development/fundraising career. We also provide proven-effective resources that allow you to serve your partners with practical generosity strategies and tools based upon Biblical stewardship principles. Explore how a partnership with the foundation can help you receive the needed funds for your vital work below.


Fundraising Mentoring Program

In 2018, CDF Capital Foundation launched the Leadership Mentoring Program for the Career Development Professional.  The program is designed to advance the skills of those with fundraising responsibilities to help them achieve success and sustainability in this vital area of ministry.

Our comprehensive mentoring approach incorporates classroom learning, practical application to the participant’s unique ministry situation, and individual coaching.  Cohort members learn the personal and professional skills needed to bring value to their organization and build true and lasting partnership with ministry donors.

To see the program brochure click here. To begin a conversation with foundation staff, fill out the form below.

Estate and Planned Giving Services

CDF Capital Foundation offers churches and ministries a wide-array of generosity momentum building tools as they serve their ministry partners.  Services include:

  • Estate & Planned Giving Marketing Content – From a Biblical perspective and with technical excellence.
    • Website Content
    • eNewsletter Content and Delivery System
    • eBooks on Important Planning Topics
    • Articles, Advertisements, and Inserts
  • Estate & Planned Giving Workshops – Designed to educate, motivate and offer action-steps for attendees.
    • Estate Planning from a Biblical Perspective
    • Creative Generosity Strategies
    • Gifts that Provide Income for the Giver
    • Tax-Advantaged Giving Strategies
  • Training for Staff, Board and Key Volunteers – To help mobilize your team to increase this type of giving to your ministry.
  • Non-cash Gift Facilitation – To help you receive complex gifts of non-cash, non-liquid assets.

The Foundation stands ready to assist you in growing your estate and planned giving revenue through any or all of the above services.  To begin the conversation, contact the foundation staff below.


Community Foundation Services

CDF Capital Foundation serves churches and ministries with gift implementation and administration services.  Having a partner in the receiving, liquidation, and administration of planned gifts can provide convenience and confidence for both the giver and the recipient ministry.  Services include:

  • Non-cash Gift Acceptance and Liquidation – Turning asset-based gifts into cash for the giver and the recipient ministry.
  • Ministry Advised Funds – Allowing ministry partners to make non-cash gifts designated for their favorite ministries benefit.
  • Strategic and Endowment Funds – Allowing organizations to bypass the fiduciary responsibilities while receiving the income benefits of planned gifts.
  • Planned Gift Administration – Including Charitable Trusts and Annuities (where allowed by law).

CDF Capital Foundation staff is ready to serve as your organization’s experienced partner in matters requiring experience and sophistication that may not be readily available on your staff team.  To begin the conversation, contact the foundation staff below.

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