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For decades, one of the biggest hurdles to sustainable church growth has been obtaining the financing needed to buy property, build buildings, and acquire the right tools to be more effective in ministry.

At CDF Capital, our founding purpose is to remove that hurdle for you. We offer a variety of investments, company retirement packages, and loans to help you carry out your mission.


I believe the leaders in the church funding marketplace can come alongside these churches to meet their needs, and it is my vision that CDF Capital can work with others in the industry to be a valuable asset to churches across the nation.

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Retirement Overview

Employee retirement planning can be complicated, costly and cumbersome for churches and ministries, but with help from CDF Capital, an employee retirement plan is an option for every ministry. CDF Capital's 403(b) program has all the tools you will need to initiate a retirement program without placing an undue burden on your personnel team.

Loans Overview

CDF Capital offers a variety of loan options designed to help meet the needs of each individual church. From construction financing and land loans to lines of credit and even unsecured loans, we can help. Construction Loans For new construction, building renovations, land leases, and more. Permanent Loans For refinances, building purchases, and more. New Churches For churches less than three years old.
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Early redemption fees apply. Download yield sheet for details.

Apply for a Loan

At CDF Capital we not only love the local church but strive to serve it better. For churches, applying for a loan can be stressful or overwhelming. Our customized and relational approach is there to support you every step of the way. 

Fill out the information request form or call 800.233.3880 to talk to a church loan specialist.

Loan Fees

Every CDF Capital loan package is uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of the church with whom are partnering with. Exact loan fees depend on the terms of each individual loan.

Construction Cost Management

Taking a church building project from the design stage to completion can be an overwhelming task. CDF Capital’s expert team of regional construction cost-management professionals can provide you with the advice you need to efficiently navigate the pre-construction and construction phases of your project, from initial concept to move-in. Consultation services include:

  • Design Procurement
  • Construction Procurement
  • Budget and Schedule Review
  • Pay Applications, Liens, & Change Orders
  • Site Visits

Construction Forms

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Mortgage Calculator

Use this calculator to get a snap shot at what servicing your loan might look like. 


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