The Importance of Preparation with Danielle Strickland

On the latest Craft & Character podcast, Steve Carter interviews teacher, author, and advocate Danielle Strickland about her preparation process. When Danielle preaches, it’s obvious that she not only spends time marinating in the Word, but she also actively looks for ways to put it into practice. In this episode, listen for Danielle’s advice about hanging on, letting go, and surrendering. She’ll take us step-by-step through some spiritual practices that you’re guaranteed to find helpful as you prepare your next sermon.

Who is Danielle Strickland?

Danielle Strickland has been following Jesus for over 25 years. She has served the Kingdom in planting churches internationally, equipping leaders and disciples, starting missional training centers, and creating social justice departments and advocacy campaigns. She has also established brothel chaplaincy and street outreach networks, as well as anti–human trafficking strategies. Danielle lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband Stephen and their 3 sons.

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