If not now, when?

It has become rather cliché to quote Matthew 9:35-38 as part of the conversation around leaders and volunteers in church. “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. . . .” The truth is, if you are reading this, you have been asked by someone, somewhere, for some reason to pray for God to bring people into ministry.

The Exponential Conference held in Orlando each year brings thousands of ministers and church leaders together from across the nation to discuss theories, strategies, and best practices on how to churches. On March 3–7 your prayers are essential to encourage and release the next generation of church planters as they prepare themselves to grow God’s church.

I do not mind being cliché, so I ask, “If not now, when?” When will you commit to pray for the Church to grow, and when will God heed those prayers to raise up the leaders we need?

Pray with me now for Exponential. And pray with me on March 3–7 for:

  • God to encourage the leaders who attend to stay the course
  • God to provide new relationships to help grow leaders
  • God to bless those churches who have prepared themselves to multiply
  • God to guide our longtime ministry partners at Stadia as they prepare the next generation of church planters
“Lord, hear our voices and heed our prayers. The world needs Your Church more than ever; we humbly ask You to provide the necessary leaders, helpers, and volunteers to see Your Church expand here in our nation and beyond. Thank You, Lord, for Your steadfast grace. Amen.”