Chuck DeGroat on Narcissism in the Church

In this episode of Craft & Character, Steve Carter interviews Western Theological Seminary pastoral care professor Dr. Chuck DeGroat about narcissism in the local church. Chuck explains the narcissism spectrum and discusses how pastors can demonstrate characteristics that lead to unhealthy and toxic narcissistic actions. This might be the most important Craft & Character podcast to date. If you’re a church or ministry leader, Chuck’s wisdom will help you recognize and combat unhealthy narcissism within yourself, your ministry, and Church culture as a whole.

Chuck DeGroat

Who is Chuck DeGroat?

Chuck DeGroat is a professor of pastoral care and Christian spirituality at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, and a senior fellow at Newbigin House of Studies in San Francisco, California. He served as a pastor at churches in Orlando and San Francisco and founded two church-based counseling centers. He is a licensed therapist, a spiritual director, and the author of When Narcissism Comes To Church, Toughest People to Love, and Wholeheartedness.

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