CDF Capital Staff Highlight:
Robert Bedley

Robert Bedley, Director of Technology Services for CDF Capital, has become somewhat of a behind-the-scenes pillar for the company. Robert has been with the organization for nearly 17 years.

“I’ve held every position in the department,” Robert said of his solid foundation with CDF Capital. “I’ve done everything from resetting passwords to data center moves. I’ve moved our data center now 3 times. I’ve done everything from mild to wild here.”

Though many of CDF Capital’s clients and churches may never see or speak to Robert, what he does for the company, in part, allows CDF Capital to flourish. Robert’s work has provided maximum efficiency in the way CDF Capital engages its networks.

“In general, I just love fixing things,” Robert said. “In my case, you’re not only going to be fixing things that break, but we get to implement new technology. When I can fix something that’s broken or implement new technology and make someone else’s job easier, that’s icing on the cake for me.

“My job is to provide the tools to the salesmen, to the call center, to the loans department, to the accounting department, so that they can do their jobs and can fulfill CDF Capital’s mission of Helping Churches Grow,” Robert continued.

Being part of CDF Capital’s mission to Help Churches Grow is a continuous driving agent for Robert. He has always been a behind-the-scenes type of person. Robert has always been in the supporting cast role, whether it was for previous jobs or at his local church.


“I get behind CDF Capital’s core mission,” Robert explained. “Being able to be a part of that is really what drives me. I enjoy being in the position to help CDF Capital do what it does,” Robert continued. “I get to work with some amazing people. Having had positions outside of the Church, it’s very different working here. The people who I get to work with and the job that they do is a driving factor.”

Because of Robert’s great working relationship with the CDF Capital staff and his appreciation for the company’s mission of Helping Churches Grow, he explains that he’s found the perfect job. He doesn't intend to nor does he want to work anywhere else. Robert, within the context of his role, wants to one day retire from CDF Capital and leave a solid foundation for the next generation.

“From a practical standpoint, the legacy that I want to leave behind is an infrastructure that is solid, stable, and reliable,” Robert said. “But what I want the organization to know is that I was able to provide CDF Capital and its employees with the tools and the means necessary to be viable, to be noticed, to be an organization that people want to invest with, an organization that people want to do business with.
“That we can help, not just through loans and investments because there’s much more to CDF Capital than just being a financial institution,” Robert continued. “We’ve got our Financial Capital. We have our Spiritual Capital. The legacy that I’d like to leave behind is that I did it right.”

Transforming Churches

God calls His people into a story of transformation. At CDF Capital, we help Christians and churches embrace their part in His story by providing the 3 kinds of capital every congregation needs for growth. See how you can play a part in the story of transformation.