The Caterpillar and the Butterfly

It’s hard to imagine two creatures with less in common than the caterpillar and the butterfly. They appear to be opposites in most every way.

A caterpillar is little more than a large worm crawling along at a few yards per hour. Yet when its metamorphosis is complete, it emerges from the cocoon as a beautiful winged creature able to fly thousands of miles.

Nature loves metamorphosis . . . and this one is nothing short of stunning. Yet it pales in comparison to the metamorphosis available to those whose lives are transformed by Christ.

On Sunday morning, May 9, 1971, I gave my life to Christ and was baptized into Him. This transformation from the mortal to the immortal was beyond my ability to fully understand at that time, even though I yearned for it deep inside.

CDF Capital believes in the spiritual transformation (metamorphosis) described in the Bible. We see it in the lives of thousands who are part of the churches we serve. In fact, the churches we serve reported 8,700 baptisms and lives transformed by Christ over the past year alone.

Our partners are a vital part of this cycle of transformation. Whether you are a donor, a prayer warrior, an investor, or a church leader, your partnership in Kingdom work is helping churches transform lives for eternity.

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