Pray for the Sunday After Easter

When the women visited Christ’s tomb to find it empty, an angel met them and declared,“He is not here. He is risen!” There may never have been more joyful words spoken!

I am taking a few weeks away from work over the Easter season this year. As I pause to contemplate these biblical words about Christ, I cannot help but be moved to joy over the incredible actions of God. Sending His son to live among us, to walk through life with us, and to ultimately take the burden of my sin upon Himself. How can one ever repay such a sacrifice?

This special time of year is one of the greatest opportunities to share the Gospel with those who need to hear it the most. I pray that you, your church, your minister, and your leaders engage your communities like never before for the sake of this Good News.

He has risen!

The world needs this now, more than ever.

As churches around the world expend energy, time, and resources to engage their communities during Easter, what about the Sunday after Easter? Let’s increase our prayers that people will not only attend church on Easter but that they will return and engage to have their lives transformed by Jesus.

Let’s pray,

  • That your church, its leaders, and elders will be used by God to bring people into the Kingdom this Easter.
  • That your church, its leaders, and elders will find rest in the midst of this busy season.
  • That your church, its leaders, and elders will have extra energy and momentum for the Sunday after Easter.

The Lord is risen. He is risen indeed.