Absent from the Body, But Present with the Lord

We lost a faithful investor this fall.  

Lois McMindes, at 104 years old, had been a long-time investor who became a special friend over the last few years.  

“When I spoke to Lois’ daughter Jarilyn following her passing,” Dusty Rubeck, Executive Advisor to the Board and CEO of CDF Capital, said, “she was rejoicing that Lois had finally gone home to be with her Lord. While I was saddened for a moment, I too was joyful to know she had been delivered from her frail and aged physical body into complete spiritual deliverance in Heaven.” 

Once Lois saw the ways that CDF Capital helped churches grow, she wanted to be a part of that transformation. 

“As you see, I cannot do a lot for any one mission,” Lois recounted several years ago. “But I felt if I could use my small savings to help the Kingdom by helping CDF Capital finance new churches—it was something I could do and be very, very proud and happy to be able to do it.” 

Lois reflected on what CDF Capital meant to her and to the many investors who realize their missional dreams because of their investments.

“Is it not amazing when people who love the Lord get together to put their heads and their resources to work?” 

Lois and her daughter Jarilyn have been praying for CDF Capital multiple times each day for a very long time. 


“Every time I spoke with Lois,” Dusty Rubeck recalled, “she shared how thankful she was for the CDF Capital team and the way they treated her. She called us part of her family. In communicating with her daughter, Jarilyn said the same thing. She was very grateful for the friendship and love shared by CDF Capital.” 

This is one more example of Spiritual Capital at work. 

Here is a faithful investor who received blessings far beyond an interest rate on her investment. It is simply not possible to guess the number of CDF Capital investors who receive great blessings from the opportunity they have, through prayer and financial resources, to continue with an important spiritual ministry of Helping Churches Grow.  

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