A Peek Behind the Curtain | What happens at CDF Capital

Have you ever wondered what takes place behind scenes at CDF Capital?

As a contractor for the last year and a half I have had the privilege of working closely with the CDF Capital team. I got a bit of a “peek behind the curtain” as they say, and this is what I learned.

Kingdom First

One of the core values of CDF Capital is Kingdom first. It guides everything CDF Capital does. We can look at the world through a lens of culture, of up bringing or our personal preferences, or we can look at the world and everything we do through a Kingdom mindset and a biblical worldview.

CDF Capital team members ask the question, “Are we utilizing God’s resources well?” The staff has a deep understanding that there is a responsibility to steward well what others have entrusted to them. Kingdom first means Kingdom stewardship.

Christ-like Character

CDF Capital also strives to exhibit Christ-like character. The staff strives to involve Jesus in everything they do, keeping Him at the center—both at work and in every area of their lives.


If there is a good word to describe the CDF Capital staff, it is “team.” Each member carries their own responsibility, yet willing and able to collaborate and assist others when needed.

CDF Capital staff is a team that is built on community. Emails of encouragement are sent weekly to the staff by the CEO. Some of the staff have even been with CDF Capital longer than they have been married to their spouse. There is a level of commitment to the organization and each other that is not always found in work settings.

Fun is also a key element of CDF Capital culture. The entire staff in December, for example, celebrated Christmas with lunch and a very ugly Christmas sweater contest. It was a time of community, reflection, and laughter—a great way to end the year and prepare for the next season.


God has called CDF Capital to deliver Spiritual Capital, Leadership Capital, and Financial Capital in a way that serves others well. It is a mindset of EXCELLENCE; which builds a culture that seeks to EXCEED EXPECTATIONS. This trickles into everything done at CDF Capital, even answering the phones. It might seem simple, but I cannot tell you how many financial institutions—let alone companies in general—that I have called and been on hold for hours. Just the other day I was on hold with my bank for a long time. I kept thinking, “this would never happen at CDF Capital.


The CDF Capital staff believes if they are growing as individuals, the organization will grow too. In turn, God can use us and CDF Capital to grow the Kingdom. That is why the internal values as individuals and corporately are a high priority.

Growth, however, is not the result of the above values alone, but how they work together. Personal development is imperative. The staff celebrates and looks forward to growing as individuals. Encouraged to give and volunteer regularly, many are highly involved in their home churches and participate in non-profit work outside of the office.

In my time working with CDF Capital, the glimpse I saw of the individuals and the core values of this organization left me impressed. I am excited to see how God continues to work through CDF Capital’s staff and ministry.